Free Best Android Apps for Kids

10 Most Useful Free Android Apps for Kids

Android Market is packaged with apps, countless tens of thousands of these, and locating a fantastic excellent program may be tedious and frustrating procedure.

From the training segment there is over 3,000 free educational apps out there that you down load.

We dig deep and find ten of their most useful free Android apps for kids.

1. AniWorld Lite

AniWorld Lite

AniWorld Lite can be a great program for kids aged one to five. It teaches kids the titles of unique creatures and gives them a opportunity to pet and feed them. As the program itself is fairly basic, it is the “Hey, pet ” feature which is going to have you along with the kids rolling onto the ground.

2. Home-work


Home-work isn’t an enjoyable program, it is really a helpful one and geared towards the elderly kids. Employing this free program they are able to schedule assignments and courses, place reminders, policy for assessment revision, and also manage their own time more efficiently. It is useful on a tablet computer, encouraging the screen angles, also can be extremely user friendly to use.

3. Famigo Sand-box

Famigo Sand-box

Famigo Sandbox can be an excellent, totally free, method of creating your Android device safe for the kids. It features a free program of its for kids to play with in addition to list licensed safe apps for parents to navigate and pick from. There are not any advertising or in-app purchases and also you also get exhibited activities and games which are child and platform specific.

4. IStory Novels

IStory Novels

Free novels detailed with voice over, images and other languages. Fancy teaching your tot Spanish? There exists a Cinderella for this… iStory Books is really a very simple but sweet program that is very good for entertaining the kids. Eleven free novels are comprised from the getgo with brand new ones added every fourteen days.

5. Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher is a free app kids and adults could enjoy vicarious murderous purpose. Smash the rodents together with your finger, do not crush the bees, do your best never to expire. Sound easy? It’s not. Addictive fun for kids aged four or more, and well suited for building their own reflexes.

6. 0-10 Amounts

0-10 Amounts

0-10 Amounts is exactly about over-achiever baby having a great time using amounts and it’s very good for what it can. Vibrant colors, anthropomorphised personalities, careful enunciation, it is really a learning resource which is effective for kids aged 2 to four.

7. Kids Degrees and Z

Kids Degrees and Z

A smart and candy name, Kids Numbers and q offers the kids the basic stepping stone in to the entire world of amounts. The program is enormously entertaining and kids may delight in learning the amounts 1-20 with all the assortment of exercises available on offer. The paid version enables more customisation however also the free version is only excellent for number learning pleasure.

8. Steamy Window

Steamy Window

Steamy Window is plain daft and completely brilliant. Kids lovemaking movies on windows that are noisy just hand them the tablet computer or phone and also hit on Steamy Window and, voilathey have steam mix to play . By blowing into the mike you make greater steam. Genius.

9. Vintage Simon

Vintage Simon

Bear in mind that match which had you hooked up to a young child? Nab Classic Simon for free on Android Market and play with it for hours. Exciting, hard and exemplary for building memory skills from kids and informs you that yours isn’t quite what it was.

10. Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes needs become among the most effective free apps for kids and parents round. Consider this, how frequently have you assembled a paper air plane and neglected, watched it crash in the wall or collapse in the ocean? Well, you now and the kids will cause a few impressive paper creations which will, theoretically, fly as a fantasy.

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