5 Normal Foods That Can Cause Huge Problems

5 Normal Foods That Can Cause Huge Problems

Food researchers are now finding that many of the foods we commonly consume may contribute to a variety of disease conditions. It might be surprising to find that many of the normal foods that you consume every day can be bad for your health, but this small list can greatly help to improve your health and how your body feels.5 Normal Foods That Can Cause Huge Problems

1 – Ground Beef/Hamburgers

Ground beef and America’s most popular food, the hamburger, are very high in fat. Corn-fed beef, in general is unhealthy for humans to eat. These animals are fed grains that make them put on weight quickly, which makes the meat high in calories. Grass-fed beef is lower in calories, but this food can still be extremely unhealthy and it often is one of the largest contributors to a variety of diseases here in the United States, the main one being obesity. For a healthier option, consider substituting beef for chicken, fish, or turkey, all of which give you a higher amount of nutrients and less fat.

2 – Breakfast Cereals

Processed breakfast cereals may claim to have enough vitamins and minerals to be a healthy food, but they often contain other components that make them inadvisable for a healthy diet. These components can have a number of bad health effects. Wheat gluten can contribute to a number of digestive problems. The high sugar content in breakfast cereal has also been associated with increased rates of Type-2 diabetes, weight gain and memory problems. Does sugar effect your memory? Try a no-sugar breakfast cereal for a few weeks and see the difference. Try eating more natural foods for breakfast, such as bread, yogurt, and fruit.

3 – Soda

Soda is everywhere in American society, and you can find soft drink machines in almost all locations. However, soft drinks contain a high amount of sugar and no nutritional value for the human body. Soda with artificial sweeteners is no better for you. Many of these sweeteners have been linked to neurological problems and other effects. Though it may still be higher in sugar, homemade juice has a number of nutritional qualities and it can provide the same taste, but you should still limit its intake.

4 – Farmed Fish

Farmed fish is another danger area for consumption. These fish are raised in crowded conditions where germs and diseases can thrive. To counter this problem, large amounts of pesticides are used, which then finds their way into the muscle tissues of the fish. Luckily, many companies are beginning to show where their fish came from, which can help you to buy fish that come from the sea instead of farms.

5 – Milk

Most commercial milk products are produced by cattle that are fed hormones to increase their milk production. The particular bovine hormone they use increases the risk of udder infections and the amount of an insulin-like factor in the milk. The hormone that is produced in humans is IGF-1, which may contribute to increased rates of breast, colon, and prostate cancer. Although the link to cancer is not definitive, people should opt for non-hormone fed milk products to reduce their risk.

Knowing the facts about these commonly used “normal” foods may have you re-think whether they should be part of your supermarket shopping routine. Fortunately, the public has a wide variety of other choices available to them.

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