6 Basic Tools Every Car Driver Must Own

Maybe you have purchased a brand new car and the excitement is still in the air. We all are aware about the anxiety of owning and driving a car. Although, there is one more step to move forward so that you can repair your own car with a quality of hand tools in automobile industry. It will establish a strong bond between you and your vehicle which gives a special feeling of satisfaction. This is one thing that can be done by a car driver. Not only this, in case you have equipment ready with you, it will always give you peace of mind whenever your car becomes non functional. A sound knowledge in repairing cars can help you out to pick the tool yourself and get the issue fixed without any help. It also provide a pleasure of driving a car independently and feeling that everything is under your control.

Imagine a situation where you are moving on a car on a long route and can’t expect a car mechanic available in those remote areas. This may lead to insecurity if the car stops due to some reason. Learning to know how to fix the issues occured in car will allow you to go long way through without any tensions. Now we will go through the tools that are necessary to be purchased and are more handy for a car repair.

The Wrench set

Buy wrench set that comes in pretty handy while you need to lift tight corners or nuts that are implanted. The usual common measurement is ⅜ inches plus ¼ inches, and both are generally used in the business and are very advantageous to have in your purchase automotive hand tools catalog.


These wrench set online available are the usual standard tool that you would be applying for fixing your car. Most strain jobs report the size among 10mm o 17 mm. So get your sockets according to your requirement, whether a larger one or a shorter one.


You will discover plenty of applications for the screwdriver. A genuine property screwdriver will have a hardened based to separate screws that are attached tightly to the connections. Always favor to purchase a screwdriver of great quality and don’t negotiate on the status of screw driver.


High-quality spanner is a absolute necessity in a toolkit. If you want to loose any screws to crack any parts, the wrenches will come in quite handy. Spanners provide a more natural way to repair your car without making things convoluted.

Impact Wrench/Driver

Sometimes a screw is locked tight within aluminum crankcase plus will not move out. In such situations, the result wrench can encourage you to tighten the bolts quickly without utilizing much force. An impact driver would be the perfect instrument to separate such screws otherwise they might break the bolt head while loosening it.

The Hex bit Sockets

The hex bit devices come in very handy for you because maximum of the screws in cars is in the form of Hex. So buy a hex head device to add to your toolkit so you can snap on these bolts and unwind them regularly.

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