6 Steps to Make a Creative and Personal Gift Basket

6 Steps to Make a Creative and Personal Gift Basket

Whenever the celebration comes our mind started thinking about gift. Yes it is the obvious trend of nowadays. You have to carry a meaningful gift for them close to your heart. But you can’t afford expensive gifts from online shops every time. What to do if you have a low budget. Let’s give you the way of making a creative personal gift basket. You can make innovative gift using your personal skills. So let’s get it started for making this.

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Just Remember Theme

ceremony Gift

You must consider the occasion and the interest of the gift. It is baby shower you can fill the basket with sweet treats for mom, baby toys for baby or bath products for baby. You are going to take it for housewarming, get some breakfast snacks to enjoy them after party time. Cookies and snacks are the best for congratulations, thank you, get well and happy birthday favor. But you must respect their choice. But it doesn’t mean you can fill this with ice-crème. You have to be very much careful in selecting the gifts, it must entertain the gifts basket and do not disturb other stuffing as well.

Types of Basket

Types of Basket

There are endless choices of baskets to take idea from online shops. You can use empty ceramic bowls, plastic bowls and eco friendly baskets to arrange gifts in proper manner. You have to be very sure about which size container suits to your stuffing. You can take big basket for big things or use small container to fill the tiny things. It should be matched with stuffing and perfectly goes with the theme.

Arrange Gifts in it

You can avoid some packaging if they are consuming more space. Collect gifts and then arrange it in a nice manner. From starting to finish it would not look messy. First of all decorate the edges with big sized bars or snacks and then add tiny things in the basket in the proper manner. You can use thermocol or multicolor thermocol balls to fill the empty space so the space doesn’t look ugly. You can have cuddly teddy in the center to make it more appealing.

Covering the Gift Basket

Covering the Gift Basket

Covering will protect the gifts inside the basket. Get cellophane cover from the market. Now put the basket in the center of the cellophane cover. Lift the sides up against the basket and meet those end sides at the top of the basket. Now wrap the end part and stick it or tie it with thread. Covering gift basket will help you to manage things stuffed inside.

Decorate it

Decorate the Gift Basket

You can have some silk ribbons to form a flower shape. Now pin it or stick it on the top edge of basket. You can use so many matching color bows, silk ribbons and many other decorative garlands to give your basket to signature look. You can group two to three things decoration at one time and stick it on the top of the basket.

Add Personal Touch

Without a tag how would one identify it’s a gift from yours. You can add a personal touch by hanging a personal tag on the top side of basket. You can make DIY tags using your skills. Write down all your happy wishes and your name in the last. If you wish you can also get some readymade stickers to tape on the basket. If you want to string a helium filled photo balloons on it, you can buy it from gift basket for kids. It is the full and final touch to complete the gift basket. Your process ends here.

So here is the complete procedure of how to make a gift basket at home. You have to carry the ingredients before you are going to make the basket. Also you need to purchase the decorative things in order to avoid the mess when doing your process. It’s complete solution for those following a short of budget. They can decorate the things in reusable container and fill the basket with products ready at home.

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