7 App Store Optimization Tips

7 App Store Optimization Tips for Higher Rankings Easily

With every passing day, hundreds of apps keep getting added to the app store and each category and sub-category of apps is overflowing with thousands of similar apps. App Store Optimization tips are the best way out if you want to ensure that your app meets the app store’s ranking criteria and earns higher rankings easily.

Here are a few of the best App Store Optimization tips to ensure that your app gets featured higher in the search results.

Find the Right Keywords and Place It Strategically in the App Store Listing

One of the best ways to improve the search rankings of your app on the app store is to make the right choice of keywords. It is equally important to use these keywords within the first hundred characters of the app store listing. Avoid using plurals, your app name, misspellings or long tail keywords in the keyword field. Begin with this to kick-start your app store optimization campaign.

Use Descriptive Keywords in Titles

It’s very important to come up with a unique app name. Remember that choosing the title is not just for branding. If you want the best results, you need to use relevant descriptive keywords in the title. This text is a very crucial consideration to increase the discoverability of your app and also to rank higher in the app store search results. This is one of the best app store optimization strategies to earn higher rankings in app store search results.

Include User-Friendly App Description

App description plays a pivotal role in conveying to the visitors what the purpose of your app is. Mention the app’s unique benefits in a user-friendly way within the initial three lines. Here are a few tips to compile a user-friendly app description:

  • Use social proofs (user testimonials or press coverage), awards and other honorable
  • Append links to the site or support
  • Add details about bug fixes, version, changes in the new update etc.

Localize the App Listing

As far as global marketing is concerned, it’s not advisable to follow a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Localizing your app listing can go a long way in fetching you a larger number of users. This means translating the name of your app, screenshots, app store keywords etc. Following this, you can go for full localization of your complete app.

Choose a Unique App Icon

Remember that most of the users remember your app by the appearance of the icon. So, it’s very much important to focus on choosing a unique app icon. Keep the icon design eye-catching and simple. Avoid cramming the small available space with too many words or items. Ensure that it looks good even if it is scaled down to a smaller size.

Monitor the Ranking of the Keywords on a Regular Basis

As with the case of any website, it’s important to keep a track of the keyword ranking. At the same time, look out for any new keywords and update it in your app listing. Based on your analysis, remove the old keywords and update with new keywords within the first hundred characters of the listing.

Encourage Reviews and Ratings

Irrespective of whether it with reference to the ranking signal in app store search results or core trust factor for users, reviews and ratings play a vital role. Have a proper framework to generate regular reviews and ratings for your app.


Backed by the good knowledge of the technology behind the ranking algorithms used by app stores and the above app store optimization tips, you will soon be on your way to a solid ASO strategy. If you are new to ASO, hire a digital marketing company in Pune, Delhi or any other place to guide you through the whole process. This effort would certainly be worth the investment.

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