7 Classic Essential Italian Desserts and Sweet Cake

7 Classic Essential Italian Desserts You Don’t Know

Italy people are known for its valuable culture and desserts. Italian food has attracted people all around the world. But have you tested Italian deserts. Italian desserts are so popular spread both nationally and internationally. In this article we are going to talk about 7 vital sweet recipes of Italy. Italy people make this dessert on festivals. Besides these they are the best snack for tea time.

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1. Babà or Babbà

Babà or Babbà

Originally this sweet is found in Poland origins. But this dessert becomes more popular in Campania and mostly in Nepals. Its historical name is Polish babka ponczova. Baba or Baba is named in respect of common phrase in Nepals “si nu baba” which tells that you are delicious. The mushroom shape dough is fermented through yeast. When it is completely baked it is hand-dipped in rum or any other sugary syrup. This is formerly used as a dessert taken after dinner or meal. Most probably this is served with whipped crème or pastry crème.

2. Cassata Alla Siciliana

Cassata Alla Siciliana

This multicolor cake is made from ricotta cheese, moisturized by coloring fruit juices and candied peel with filling of vanilla, chocolate syrup and with colored icing. It has been given the feel of color using different color fruit juices. It just not looks attractive gives a good taste too. It is a typical dessert of Sicily and then it is served in Nepals with the new trend of decorating cake with gelato layers instead of ricotta and fruit.

3. I`l Pandora Veronese

I`l Pandora Veronese

It is traditional Italian bread mostly sold in Italian bakery during Christmas time. This has a definite shape of craggy mountain which is then iced with lots of snow-white icing sugar. It’s very difficult to bake a particular hill shape so people mostly buy this from bake shops.  It shaped like frustum with eight-pointed star corners. It is also identified as royal bread of golden bread in festivals. It is a historical art of baking bread in such shape and people consume this bread as party snack during the Christmas and New Year time.

4. Gelato


Gelato is an Italian ice-crème made with fresh fruits, milk, sugar, fruits jelly. It is a frozen dessert served in 18th century and till then this is become the most popular frozen dessert of Italy people. Gelato is purely a healthy ice-crème which uses less crème and more milk and fruits with no egg yolks whipped. This is generally made from whole milk and no artificial ingredients and less air whipped. The descendent ice-crème flavor is enhanced by pure fruit puree or fresh fruits jelly. Gelato is more than a simple dessert, loved by Italian people to enjoy in summer time.

5. Triamisu


It is an authentic italin dessert of Italy. Espresso covered lady fingers tiramisu is a perfect sweet treat entertained in party time and tea time snack. It is made from freshly pulled espresso, silk crème and eggs. This is most probably served freshly made. It has a light and soothing texture but if you wish you can decorate it with whipped crème or chocolate syrup. This is the oldest and very famous sweet dish of Italy.

6. Panna cotta

Panna cotta

Panna cotta name is derived from Piedmont region rich with dairy products. Panna cotta is a simple recipe made by using milk, sugar or honey, crème and gelatin. This cooked together and chilled in the mould and then served chilled. Panna cotta mostly served with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and fruit slices. If you wish to make it simple, just sprinkle multicolor candies on it. The cake has a smooth texture and delicious taste.

7. Semi-freddo


In Italin sweet food court Semi-freddo is a staple dessert. Semi freddo is a chilled sweet cakes served during the summer time. Mostly this is a win win dessert for Italy people in the mood of party. This dessert is made from whipped crème, whisking sugar, milk and eggs. Later on this is chilled and served with lots of toppings of fruits, chocolates, cookies crumbles. It should be served in room temperature when it is not too hard.

So here is the brief history about flavorsome desserts of Italy. Italy is most popular for its Italian dish. But after reading this article you will get to know that it is also popular for its lavish sweet dishes. If you want to refer the recipes of each, you can browse it from internet. You can also do some experiment using your culinary skills.

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