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8 Must-Have Features of the Best Web Hosting

Whether you are building your first website or you are a professional web developer, finding the right web host can be a challenge for you. It’s essential that the company you go with and the package you choose suits not just your existing business requirements but as you grow. After all, right from your website’s performance, security and reliability everything depends on the service you opt for. You should choose a hos that can let you have several crucial features such as managed services, great email, sufficient storage and many others. Keep your eyes open when choosing web hosting. Here’s a checklist of best web hosting features you should look into when searching for web hosting solutions.

Domains and Subdomains

Make sure you are running one site or have two or three websites. If you have a single site, there is a good chance it won’t be long until you get the second one up then the third one. It’s tough to handle a hosting account for each site you have. It is therefore vital to ensure that your web host gives you the option to host multiple domains. The best web hosts can allow you to add subdomains. In most of the cases, the host providers set a limit on how many domains you can have on one account. So, it’s essential to ensure the web host you have bought can accommodate you. It should have an admin panel to add your domains and choose which sub-folders each one will point to.


When choosing your web hosting, ask yourself: How much data can I store. This is one of the primary concerns. For small and medium websites, you can see that several gigabytes with plenty of storage. You can also find some hosts that offer ‘unlimited storage.” However, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions. Usually, it’s unlimited until you go for the normal site usage. If you think you might be close to or over whatever normal is, then ensure that you know what you can use before buying it. Or, you should go for a host that states clear limits.

Email Accounts & Features

A good web host also let you have an email account for your domains. You should know how many emails accounts the service providers allow you to set up. Also, check out their selections to receive that mail. Make sure whether or not they have a webmail interface. If they have, then ensure whether you have the option to select one from multiple ones. Look into about integration with Google Apps (for the Gmail interface). Ask whether you can get your mail in your client of choice via IMAP or they only provide you with POP.


Database Support

These days, even start-ups with small websites have a database on the back end. It’s essential here to understand what type of database you can use comfortably. Most of the web hosts are providing MySQL; that’s probably enough for most people. However, if you’re looking out for Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc. don’t settle for anything less.


If you are tech-savvy, you might know that even a 1-second delay in page load time can reduce the conversion rate of your e-commerce website. This may lead to abandoning a large number of visitors to your website after 3 seconds. It’s good to choose a company that has a tier 4 Datacenter. It’s also good to go for local hosting. It means 30x lesser latency than if hosted internationally. If you choose the best hosting plan, it means you have minimum lag and quicker load times. Remember that web hosts that are faster would likely to be faster, easier and more reliable to contact than those that are not nearby. So, this will be a significant boost for your website.

Framework Support

Many web hosts do provide quality framework support, blogging systems. It’s nice if your web host provider is ready to offer a one-click install. Or, at least they should ensure a super easy set-up for your CMS or WordPress choice.


As said earlier, the package you choose should not only cater to your current recruitment, but it should have the capability to meet your future needs. What if Starbucks was only allowed to have 1,000 customers per day? It had to close its door. This is what the bandwidth is all about when it comes to websites. If your website has too much traffic and uses too much bandwidth, the service provider can cut off your site or charge you more. It’s essential to ensure that the web hosting company you are choosing allows you to buy more bandwidth when you need it.

Secure Location

It’s good to choose a web hosting company that has the web server in the same country. If you are established in India, it’s good to select an Indian hosting provider rather than going for a company in the UK or Europe. Also, ensure that your website information will remain safe and secure of your servers.

So, when choosing a web host, remember that the best one comes with all the features mentioned above.

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