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8 Trends that Will Shape the Future of Mobile App Development

2018 is about to end and there’s no denying that it was a great year for mobile app development. From lazy loading to Cloud integration, Android Instant apps, and Mobile payments, we came across various newer technologies and update this year, uplifting our hopes for the future. Isn’t it so?

Well, if you too are wondering what will be the future of mobile application development, what new technologies will be introduced in the market, let’s explore the following 8 mobile app development trends together:-

  1. On demand App Development

What was once considered as a shady industry will be on the top in 2019. All the business leaders will explore the potential of getting into the ‘Uber for X’ ride and enjoy a seamless experience in real-time. In other words, investment in On demand app development will be a great demand in 2019.

  1. IoT and the Power of Mobile-Connected Services

IoT (Internet of Things), so far, has been seen as something associated with smart cars and smart cities. It is in 2019 when the technology will go beyond this limitation and surprise us with some exciting application in the brick and mortar businesses.

  1. Blockchain and App Development

In 2018, people realized what is Blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies. However, the action will be taken in 2019. In the new year, the mobile application developers and business owners will explore the potential of the technology for adding new standards of accuracy, transparency, efficiency, and security to their business solutions.

  1. Mobile Payments

The economy will continue preferring virtual assets over cash for transactions in and across the nations. As per the market trends, mobile e-commerce spending increased from 11.1 billion to 31.8 billion in the past 3 years, indicating a higher possibility of seeing the same significant rise in the upcoming years. And this can be proven with the recently introduced Blockchain wallets and the unparalleled efforts of Government like that of India and Dubai.

  1. App Security

Seeing the recent Uber data breach and Facebook Cambridge Scandal, the app users have become more conscious about their data privacy and security.

So, to meet their needs, the mobile app developers will invest in better app testing tools. In 2019, they will give more importance to Alpha and beta testing tools and invest in technologies like Machine learning to prevent anyone from intruding the platform and misusing the data.

  1. Adoption of Low-Code Development Platforms

Seeing the growing demand for entering into the mobile market at the earliest while ensuring higher quality, the low-code platform will gain higher momentum. The business leaders will embrace Appian, Outsystem and other such low-code platforms to ensure higher accessibility, fewer errors and bugs, progressive brand presence, and lower app development cost.

  1. PWA Development

As introduced in 2018, the concept of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will continue mitigating the dilemma to choose between web and mobile technologies. The technology will help the brands to improve their app speed and market presence, re-engage their users and thus, gain higher revenue.

  1. Beacon Technology

Though existing in the market for a long time, Beacon technology will experience an upsurge in its utilization in 2019. The Beacons will become smarter and emotionally understanding. They will act as virtual guides and empower the marketers to provide an excellent user experience.

Have I missed any significant trend that you think will change the future of the mobile world? Share in the comment section below.

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