Heart Transplant Cost in India

A heart that brings you new life: understanding heart transplant

Each and every organ of our body is a vital one and comes with its own set of functions and roles. Our heart is one of the most essential organs of our body because it performs the vital function of pumping blood to different organs which transport the nutrients that organs need to function. Thus without the heart functioning properly our entire body will not be able to function and hence any disease of the heart needs to be treated with utmost care and urgency. While some diseases of the heart are treatable through medicines, minor surgery and proper course of treatment, when the issues are serious a heart transplant might be needed. When the diagnosis is a serious one, then one should become aware of the heart transplant cost in India and get the needful done as soon as they can.

What is a heart transplant?

Transplant means to take one organ from a donor and implanting it into another person who needs that organ. Suppose someone is diagnosed with a serious heart condition and their own heart is not functioning properly. In such a situation as this, there is no other option but to transplant one’s heart. When the doctor feels that a patient direly needs a heart transplant, then they will get an organ donor, who is recently deceased and whose blood composition matches with that of the patient, then the surgeon will take out the heart from the deceased donor, harvest the organ, so that it is ready to be used when transplanted and then after a thorough and detailed surgery will place the harvested heart into the recipient. The process sounds simple, when broken step by step, but it is quite a complex one to perform because of which you need really well-trained surgeons to do that for you and you need to consult a heart specialist as well to make sure that you receive both surgical and post-surgical treatment as well.

Who needs a heart transplant?

There are various conditions of the heart which require a transplant. The main function of the heart is performed by its muscles but when the muscles themselves become weak and cannot pump enough blood, it is known as congestive heart failure. This immediately requires a heart transplant. If someone has extreme cases of cardiomyopathy, which affects the walls of the heart, then too a heart transplant might be required. If there are any birth defects in the heart, which hamper the proper functioning of the heart, then it is known as a congenital heart disease which can be effectively treated with a transplant. If there is a serious blockage in the arteries of the heart then too a heart transplant might be required. The main problem with heart diseases is that if they are diagnosed early, they can be treated effectively. However since signs and symptoms of heart diseases are extremely obscure it becomes difficult to diagnose it early because of which extreme measures, such as transplants are often sought.

Where to get a heart transplant done from?

There are a lot of places around the world, which are known for their heart transplant techniques. One such country is India, where people often undertake a journey known as medical tourism. One can travel to the country, get their heart treated and get the required transplant done and then after recovery go back to their country of residence. A lot of people do come to India for medical tourism, particularly when it comes to the matters of the heart, because the Heart Transplant Cost in India is quite affordable compared to other countries. The doctors here are well trained and they know how to perform such complex procedures which makes it one of the most sought after medical tourism destinations of the country. Just make a list of all the good hospitals that this country has and you can start your consultation from overseas as well.

Heart disease is not to be treated lightly. Since symptoms are often obscure, full body check-ups in regular intervals are a must so that if there is indeed an issue, one will be able to identify it at its very beginning. Do not treat matters of the heart lightly and get them taken care of as soon as you can.  

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