Right Chair Covers & Tablecloths

Add a Wow Factor to Your Event by Choosing the Right Chair Covers & Tablecloths

“Attractive” is a big buzzword these days. It has been closely attached to events. When planning for an event, it’s essential to ensure you are adding a wow factor to your occasion. In general, there are three factors you should consider:

  1. Great wedding entertainment
  2. Lip-smacking, delicious food
  3. Luxurious wedding table decorations

The goal of this post is to highlight the major points to consider while designing beautiful wedding table decorations.

Adding the “Wow Factor” to Your Wedding

It’s an old saying that first impressions do count. Since you aim to create the Wow factor at your event, you need to create a first impression. An easy way to do this is to make your guests gasp the moment they enter the event area.

First of all, do some planning. Make informed decisions, so the rest of the process becomes much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Let’s get to know about tablecloths, chair covers.

Dressing Beautiful Tables

Chairs and tables are the first things that make your guests take notice when they enter the venue. The way you design tables and chairs let the guests know how special they are. The first thing to décor tables and chairs are of course tablecloths and chairs covers. Spandex chair covers and tablecloths can be the perfect fit for your banquet tables and chairs.

Earlier when it comes to tables and chairs covers, they meant two things

  1. Crisp white linen at a higher end establishment.
  2. Or dirty linen with stains and holes. It lowers down the venue food chain you went.

You should not treat your guests at your party or function carelessly. Ask yourself ‘Would you not treat your grandmother well? Don’t give a choice to a square cloth on a roundtable. It appears like square pegs in round holes and just not eye-catching. Nobody wants to see banqueting table legs anyway. But, designer pieces of furniture you see at many boutique hotels have a different story, especially if you would not need a tablecloth.

In order to get that Wow factor, opt for a floor-length tablecloth that looks far better than expected. Now it’s time to check some exciting ways you can use tablecloths for setting the event a classic apart.

Four Length Tablecloths

When we discuss tablecloths, we can’t ignore table linens. You will need a tablecloth until you have bespoke tables tailored for your space. Among the most sought-after tablecloth styles is one that drops to the floor.

Ask yourself whether you like seeing the legs of the table in any party or event. You are putting hard effort to create an elegant tabletop display. So, don’t scrimp on choosing the chair covers as well.

Chair Covers

The chair covers and tablecloths are related to each other. Choose colors and size of the chair that best match the table covers. Remember that the clothes for both the items come in all shapes and sizes, fabrics, and colors. Before making your choice for chairs, determine the style is your first port of call. Spandex can be the perfect fit for table and chair covers. Go for a plain self-colored fabric, a damask, satin, silk or velvet.

The perfect match is one that contains 80% Nylon 20% Lycra, Fabric Width =60″, Colors may vary slightly. If you are not sure which chair covers you need, it’s good to order a sample for fitting purposes before placing an order. Please contact the company to know the details about the covers.

For example, suppose you have round backed banquet chairs without arms. Then, you should ensure that the best Spandex chair covers you are choosing will fit round-backed chairs without arms. Also, make sure that the cover is available in the correct size. In general, companies can offer you a good range of products to choose from.

The Napkin

Turning a blind eye to the napkin on serving food is like making chicken without adding salt to it. The online banquet companies can offer you different types of napkins. They can also let you know some fancy ways of displaying those napkins. If you lack the art of presenting napkins, then you’ll need expert help. In general, keeping things simple is a good idea. There are many ways to display napkins.

Some of the most exciting yet straightforward things you can do with your napkin to arouse curiosity are Simply Flat & Folded, Pocket with Menu Included, Napkin Ribbons, and Napkin Rings.

So, when you host an event next time, keep decorating tables and chairs along among the top of to-do-list.

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