An Overview About an Abnormal Pap Smear

An Overview About an Abnormal Pap Smear

In case if you happen to be a lady of child bearing age then they would have their own share of pap smears. Most times the test results come out normal but if an abnormal result emerges it means that a lady has to go through another round of testing. If abnormal Pap smear results emerge there is no need to panic. In most cases it could be something not serious or otherwise it can be a cause of concern. The phenomenon of abnormal Pap smear is not something that is unheard off, but such tests are part and parcel of a would be mother.

Why during pregnancy an abnormal pap smear

During pregnancy it is safe to opt for an abnormal pap smear. Doctors are going to undertake pap smears if it is due on patients irrespective of the pregnancy status. The only point of difference you are likely to witness with an abnormal pap in pregnancy would be an increase in bleeding. As the cervix in all likelihood will be engrossed with blood, a little bit of bleeding is common as part of an abnormal pap smear test.

Definition of an abnormal pap smear

When confronted with an abnormal pap smear the nerves of a woman are on the edge. But this does not pose to be a concern at all times. To a certain degree it may point to the occurrence of cancer cells it could lead to infection. What it tells your doctor if you have an abnormal pap smear is further round of testing would be necessary.

Pregnancy and post pregnancy treatment of an abnormal pap smear

If abnormal pap during pregnancy is detected, most likely the doctor will ask you to undertake a colposcopy. During the course of this test the doctor is going to view your cervix under magnification. In doing so it becomes easy for a doctor to detect what lead to the growth of an abnormal cell and what would be the course of treatment.

If a doctor aligns with the thought that the abnormal Pap smear did emerge from the presence of cancer cells, then better wait for your pregnancy to be over so as to receive treatment. If one is pretty early in their pregnancy the doctor may ask you to terminate a pregnancy and receive all the necessary treatment at this point of time. On the other hand if presence of cancer cells is detected in the later stages of pregnancy then the doctor may induce labor early so that treatment options can be configured in a quick manner.

Now coming to the major question, does presence of an abnormal pap smear pose any major risk to the baby. First and foremost detection of abnormal pap cells does not pose any major risk to the baby at all. In most of the cases after delivery they are washed away. If a doctor feels that it poses any major risk to the baby then could ask you to opt for a C section delivery.

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