Moroccan cement tiles

Beautify your infrastructure with Moroccan cement tiles

Geometric decorations have embedded itself into one of the most major and indispensable elements of the Moorish decorative arts and architecture of the 11th century. Whether you look from Cordova to Samarkand, the architectural surfaces have always been covered with the impressive star polygons. Decorating your interiors with the Moroccan cement tiles is a great thing for your infrastructure. If you talk about quality, these tiles are the best that can be used. Also, if you talk about the designs, there will be innumerable varieties and designs that will be available to you here. This style became one of the most predominant and experienced developments in Morocco and Australia that was developed in the Far West of the Islamic region.

Moroccan cement tile is one of the spectacular and remarkable creations that has been admired by people all around the globe. Also, it is emerging as one of the rapidly growing trends in the craft and architecture industry. In terms of quality, you should know that Maallems is one of the most adept mosaic masons that are highly trained in the ancient architecture form with the best and modern techniques for the Moroccan tile designs and creations. If you come across the Zellij Gallery, you will know that they are masters of craftsmanship as they have years of experience in this field.  

They will bring to life all the ancient traditions of the Moroccan tile makings and designs. Their family business was established in the year 1912 by Maallem and these master craftsmen have been serving society for a long time. Beautify your homes with the help of these master craftsmen who will not only make your infrastructure beautiful but also eye-catching for the guests. They have successfully completed various international projects and have won several awards for it. They have designed various palaces from the palaces in Morocco to Europe, the Middle East and Disney world and so on.

Moroccan cement tiles can be used anywhere whether in halls, washrooms, dining rooms and so on. It also looks great when you place them in the kitchen. There are a large variety of colors, patterns, borders, unique floors that can be created with the help of these tiles. These classic tiles will really look well with modern kitchens and will also enhance the modern day infrastructure of your homes. It will also enhance your modern day rooms for homes and offices.

There are various types of layers such as the top layer and the colored layers of the cement tiles that make sure that the heavy duty of the tiles won’t get scratched up quickly. There full instructions for the tile treatment and placement while buying the cement tiles from us. You will stay away from all the hassle with us.

These cement tiles can be placed on any of the surfaces as long as the surface that you are keeping it is hard, flat and even. You must use a primer for the better tiling of the attachment with the glue adhesive. These cement tiles are suitable for the kitchens and washrooms and will definitely beautify the look of the concerned room wherever it has been put up.

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