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Benefits of using a Vacuum Cleaner vs. a Broom

One of the main objectives of the cleaning tasks is to free the household from dust that may affect the health of the family. For example, when sweeping we seek to eliminate dust and debris that cause diseases, but is it really what we do?

It is better to use the vacuum cleaner since the broom does not completely eliminate dust and may influence the appearance of allergies. Next, the expert gives us 4 reasons why it is better to buy vacuum cleaner online in India than a broom:

  • Save time – The cheap vacuum cleaner online does this job in 5 times less time than the broom. In 3 minutes you can finish with the task that the broom would end in 15, which leaves you 80% of the time you usually spend cleaning to do something else.
  • Performance – The broom does not clean completely, as it always leaves some residue, while the vacuum cleaner absorbs up to 99% of dust and impurities.
  • Health care –The broom lifts the dust and mites it contains, while the vacuum cleaner absorbs and avoids direct contact with the dust. This influences the decrease of allergies and respiratory ailments.
  • Ergonomics – The disproportionate size of the broom compared to the average height of a person, generates hunching of the back with prolonged use. For its part, the vacuum cleaner allows a better posture, since it has accessories that extend the hose making it an ergonomic tool.
  • Everything has to do with comfort – With the broom or cordless vacuums, you do not have to move around the vacuum all the time or pull on the cord. You can pick it up easily, have it always at hand and go wherever you want, making it the perfect vacuum for modern life.
  • It does not require any bending to connect it to electrical outlets so it is ideal for people with back or mobility problems.
  • Move in freedom – Cables that run around the legs of the chair, hanging in front of the stairs and hooked in the corners can be a danger at home. Eliminates the risk of cleaning with the vacuum cleaner eliminating the cable forever.
  • Do not unplug mid-use – Are you tired of accidentally turning off the vacuum cleaner every time you go too far from the socket? With the wireless vacuum cleaner there is no possibility of that happening. Start at one end of the house and end at the other without interruptions.
  • Change the way you clean – Cleaning with a wireless vacuum revolutionizes your cleaning habits. Instead of waiting for a complete weekly cleaning or every “x” days, you will see that you use your wireless vacuum cleaner a little and more often, as it is comfortable and easy. This practice is great to keep a clean house all week and have more free time to do what you want.
  • Enter the car (or the caravan or the boat) – Crumbs and dust are not limited to the house alone so the aspirate should not be limited to this area either.

These advantages are good enough to show a preference towards the use of a Vacuum Cleaner.

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