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The days are back when your website have animations, moving characters and many more all over to get impact in your website landing page. Companies no matter they are large or small currently they are focusing to build up the digital business where they can live their dream. “No Website – No Business” If you are new to a website designing world might be there is a chance that you are not aware of many digital terms like SEO, App development and many more.

The Dynamic website consists of both front end and back end scripts to host the website pages within your website. Things which we need to keep in  mind that is our website security. One of the major important thing which people always ignores to look upon that. To maintain a website is very difficult in modern world. Getting high number of traffic getting a chance of high number of Errors too. A report pf KPMG says 73% pf website are getting no security and they have a chance to loose their data anytime. we need to look on every pros and cons while we making our dream website by which developers. A static website is hundred times faster than a dynamic site that is built with a CMS. Reason for a static website to run faster is that it can be served from the node closest to the browser easily.

According to research, about 56% of people expect the website to load within 2 seconds, and a rest 40% of people will not wait for the website to load for longer than 4 seconds. Handling high number of traffic on a website might be a cumber some process as it requires many high code playing on the server. Basic websites with HTML/JAVA files can be easily scaled up by just increasing the bandwidth.

Zasya Solutions is the best website development company in Shimla, India. Today digital presence has become highly mandatory in today’s competitive digital business world. We provide a quality web design, creative web development services and mobile development solutions.


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