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Common Diseases Related To The Eyes, Their Symptoms And Treatment

World Vision Day is celebrated every year on the International Day in October. The aim of this day is to spread awareness among people about eye diseases and problems. Our eyes are precious and we see this beautiful world, but our slightest negligence towards the eyes can also make us a victim of blindness. Many of us are those people who ignore early symptoms of eye problems and gradually take these problems seriously. Therefore, the care of the eye should also be given priority in other parts of the body. Today we are telling you about some common diseases related to the eyes, their symptoms and treatment.


It is highly infectious disease. Its virus or bacteria reaches one infected person to another by touch. Any person who touched the eye after touching his eye will be infected. After touching that object or surface by the healthy person, touching the eye causes the disease to reach the eyes of a healthy person. Air dispersion is very limited by air.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis

  • Itching, redness, prick and burning in the eye Mud from the eye Feeling confused with light.
  • There is some feeling of falling in the eye.

Methods of defense

  • Do not touch eyes as long as conjunctivitis is spread rapidly. If touching also, touch the eye only by washing hands properly or touching the eye from the back part of the hand.
  • Do not use any other person’s towel etc.
  • Do not touch anything used by the person with conjunctivitis. Wash the hands several times a day with soap.

Black spots mean floaters:

Floaters are like dark spots, ridges, or dots, which look floating in front of the eye. It looks more clearly visible on the sky. Although the floaters appear in front of the eye, but in fact they float on the inside surface of the eye. There is a jelly-like element in our eyes, called vitrilis. It fills the hollow space inside the eye. As the person grows older, Vitreus seems shrunk. For this reason some flakes are formed in the eye, which are called floaters. If you have any doubts about this disease, then you can do some special tests with the advice of the doctor, and if you are looking for eye Specialist in Kolkata then you can also book online appointment through the internet.

Due to floaters

Apart from increasing age, posterior vitriosis detachment is also the cause of this disease. P.V.D. There is a condition in which Vitreous gel pulls from retina. This situation is also one of the main causes of floaters. Many times, due to diseases like Vitreous Hemorrhage or migraine, the problem of floaters also arises. Many times the bright lights also appear in the eyes with the floaters. This light is called flashes, which is mainly visible on one side of the eye. Similar to the floaters, the flashes are also caused by the pulling of retina from the vitreous gel. If you see bright strips for 10 to 20 minutes, then this may also be a sign of migraine.

Treatment of floaters

The treatment of floaters and flashes depends on their condition. Although it is not harmful, but it is very important that you must check your eyes if there is no damage to the retina. Over time, most floaters themselves disappear and become less painful, but if you have trouble doing routine work because of them, then you can think about having a floater correction surgery. If there is a retinal tier, then the doctor may suggest you have laser surgery or cryotherapy.

Parkinson’s disease:

The layer of the nerve cells behind the eye can become related to Parkinson’s disease when the retina becomes thinner. This has been revealed in a research. According to a study, thinness of the retina is associated with damage to brain cells, which produce dopamine. Dopamine is controlled by speed. This is a hallmark of PD which reduces motor efficiency. If it is confirmed in other studies, then retinal scan can not only open the path of early treatment, but it will also be possible to have a more accurate monitoring of treatment. Parkinson’s disease may start from the age of 40 years ago. At the age of 60, its transmission rate is 247 in every one lakh population.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s

Feeling stiffness in the body Thrusting while walking The vibrations of the hand while shaking hands with someone. Keep vibrations in the finger. Walking while walking on the ground while running the ground. Lack of sleep, quick breathing, pee stay-stop This disease is more in men than women. Not interested in talking to anyone Light vibrations while talking Vibrate in the hands and feet while sitting on the chair. Shutting the shirt button will vibrate Keep vibrations in hand when putting thread in needle.

What are the reasons

Due to being mostly in stress, a person may be caught in Parkinson’s disease even in his early life. The use of tobacco and other narcotics is also the reason for this disease. Due to any illness, excessive intake of medicines and fast food can lead to this disease. In this disease, obstruction of the brain from the brain becomes blocked.

It is important to find out in the initial stage that you should periodically check your eyes. It becomes even more important for you to get regular eye examinations from a good eye specialist. Vision test should also be included in this regular check. Apart from this, it is also necessary to keep eye pressure in the measurement and low light in the eyes, retina, optic nerve etc.

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