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Did you notice that we have never produced a post about confident chairs?

So many years writing articles and we still had not premiered in this…

But it’s never too late, that’s why today we’re going to dedicate an entire article to analyzing confident office chairs.

What are confident chairs?

You will see that this type of chairs is very similar to those of meeting. In fact they are the same.

However, the difference is marked by the context in which the chair is used.

While meeting chairs are used in boardrooms, confident chairs are meant to be used in offices.

In the case of meeting chairs are usually arranged around the table, while in the case of confidants in front of the management table, i.e. in front of the directional position.

As you can see, that’s the only difference, that’s why on our website you can find both confidants and meetings within the category of office meeting chairs.

This type of office furniture can be used in: banks, corporate offices, agencies … and in general in any job you need to attend in person to visits.

Types of confident chairs

That confident chairs are designed for many environments does not mean in any case that you can use one model or another indiscriminately, since its use will depend on the sector to which the company is dedicated and the aesthetics you want for your company.

Here we will show you some models that you may find useful.

High-level and representative confident chair:

This model is one of the most striking. Its design is colorful and, being able to have a high backrest, it can be used to equip banks or more formal environments.

One of its advantages is that it is a piece of furniture ready to spend a lot of time, if necessary.

Elegant and discreet confident chair:

Maybe the previous model is too serious. This chair that we show you now is a right choice if you’re looking to equip a room that has certain representativeness, but without it becoming so sober.

However, although this chair is comfortable, it is not designed for the user to spend long hours sitting, especially if you choose the lacquer finish instead of the one that is all upholstered.

Confident and youthful chair:

Confident chairs and juveniles? Yes, it is also possible. We tend to think that confident chairs are a type of furniture used in more serious or formal environments, but this chair proves that this is not the case. It is a chair that adapts perfectly to rooms that seek to create a more modern, youthful and cheerful.

Cozy confident chair:

This is perhaps one of the most hospitable models we have for this type of context. It is a chair that hugs you and makes you feel protected, since the backrest, the seat and the armrests are made up of a single piece. It stands out for its structure of legs, of skate.

Traditional confident chair:

We can find them design, representative, contemporary … but in many occasions we simply want a simple, traditional and totally common product.

Because, we have to say, the current is increasingly fashionable.

This chair is the “type” model: light, basic, rod and 4 legs. It’s that simple

The liveliest chair:

We could not finish this selection of confident chairs without showing you one of the lightest and lightest design products we have for this use. This chair is excellent for use in jovial environments of companies that seek a more cheerful aesthetic and create a more fun atmosphere.

You can adapt it to your needs: with and without arms, with pyramid structure, with wheels, with four legs…

What do you think of these models? Do you think these chairs are suitable for use in your company? Remember that if you are looking for a model with other characteristics, we can advise you in a particular way.

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