CT Scan

CT Scan: A boon for Patients: Is that so?

A computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan is a procedure that permits the doctor to see inside your body. It makes use of a combination of X-rays and a computer to make or form pictures of your organs, bones, and other types of tissues. It gives more detail than a general or regular X-ray. The good thing is that you can get a CT scan on any portion of your body. The procedure does not take extremely long time and it is absolutely painless.

How does it work?

The professionals make use of a narrow X-ray beam that circles around one portion of your body. It is something that provides a series of images from various different angles. A computer makes use of this information to form a cross-sectional picture. This two-dimensional (2D) scan do show a piece” of the inside of your body. It is a process that is repeated to generate a number of pieces. The computer stacks such scans one on top of the other to form a detailed image of all the organs, bones, or even that of blood vessels. For example, a surgeon might use this kind of scan to look at all sides of a tumour to do preparation for an operation. You can easily get Ct Kub scan in Bangalore and make sure that everything goes good.

You would most probably get a scan at a radiology clinic or a hospital. Your medical expert or doctor might tell you not to eat or drink for a couple of hours before this procedure. You might also require wearing a hospital gown and taking off any metal objects, such as jewelry, watches and so on.  Of course, no matter what you wear you might be told to take it off and change into a hospital gown. In this way they can be sure that there is no metal.

A radiology technologist or professional will perform the CT scan. During this test, you might lay on a table within a huge, doughnut-shaped CT machine. As the table gradually moves through the scanner, the X-rays rotate around the body. One important thing to know is that it is normal to hear a buzzing or worrying noise. The movement can actually blur the image, so you are going to be asked to stay extremely still. You might also need to hold your breath at times. Certainly there is no need to feel worried. These noises are not going to get on your nerves. They are general and they won’t harm you in any sense.  Moreover, how long the procedure of scan takes is going to depend on what portions of your body are getting scanned. It can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a half-hour. In most of the cases, the patient might go home the same day.

What is it used for?

Doctors or medical experts order CT scans for a huge list of reasons:

  • CT scans can be really helpful in detecting bone and joint issues such as complex bone fractures and also tumours.
  • In case you have a condition such as heart disease, cancer, emphysema, or liver masses, CT scans could spot it or assist the doctors in finding out any changes.
  • They show internal wounds and bleeding, such as those triggered by an accident.
  • They can even be helpful in locating a blood clot, tumour, surplus fluid, or even that of infection.
  • Doctors make use of them to guide the proper treatment or procedure plans, such as surgeries, biopsies, and radiation therapy.
  • Doctors can even compare CT scans to find out in case certain treatments are working. For example, scans of a tumour over time could show whether it is responding to radiation or chemotherapy.

Is it invasive?

Well, if you feel that the procedure is going to be painful and full injections then you are wrong. The procedure is absolutely comfort and not at all painful.  It is a non-invasive procedure and you can experience utmost ease and comfort. The good part is that you would not even feel that you have undergone a procedure. Certainly you might have to control yourself to stay in a specific procedure for some time while you are in the bore or tunnel of the scanner and nothing more or less is required at your part. Even if you find the noises emitting from the scanner really loud then too you need not to worry.    You can ask for the headphones and nice music would be played for you to keep distracted from the noises.

What is CT scan with a contrast?

In a CT scan, thick substances such as bones are easy to witness. But soft tissues do not show up as well. They may appear faint in the image. To help them look clearly, you might require a special dye known as a contrast material. They block the X-rays and look white on the scan, underlining or enhancing the blood vessels, organs, or different other structures. In this way the doctor gets a better and clear picture. Contrast materials are generally made up of iodine or barium Sulfate. You could receive these drugs in one or more of three manners:

  • Injection: yes you heard it right the drugs get injected directly into a vein. It is done to help your blood vessels, liver, urinary tract or gallbladder stand out in the picture.
  • Orally: Drinking a liquid with the contrast material might improve scans of your digestive tract, that of the pathway of food through the body.
  • Enema: in case your intestines are getting scanned, the contrast material could be inserted in the rectum.

After the procedure of CT scan, you’ll need to drink a lot of fluids to help your kidneys eradicate the contrast material from your body.


Thus, all in all, the CT scan procedure is something that has a lot to give and nothing to take.  Even if you look into the cost of ct Kub scan in Bangalore, you will find it nominal.

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