Earn money as a web developer

Earn money as a web developer

A web developer career can be extremely lucrative, but many experts in the field are tired of responding to their employer day after day. That’s why many developers decide to start their own business and work as a freelance web developer for multiple clients. Whether you’re thinking about leaving your job full-time to work freelancing and making money freelancing, or considering part-time freelance work to earn additional income, there are some things you need to know to succeed. In the world of freelance web development.

Potential revenue as a freelance web developer

Often, one of the first things publics ask themselves when they plan to take action and become freelance is the potential salary they can expect compared to a job in a company.

Freelancers are typically perceived in the industry as experienced experts, able to submit a finished work directly to the general public. Traditionally, freelancers are seen as experts who can be brought to work for a company for a specific project related to web development.

Employees, by contrast, are historically seen as pawns with multiple skills. Even though their professional title is a web developer, many employers expect them to have skills in graphic design, internet marketing or user experience, and they are often asked to perform in a wide variety of tasks.

With the traditional model, it is more the work of the freelance than the freelance itself that has a value. Freelancers, with their experience, can afford to cost more than a conventional employee. The short-term that characterizes freelance work, as well as the fact that it costs less in insurance and taxes also participated in raising the salaries of freelancers.

Today, the cloud is facilitating freelance, and dedicated Marketplace has appeared, this has caused a radical change in this business model. Freelancers are always better paid than their counterparts, but the differences are smaller. To earn more money as a freelancer than as an employee, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, but it’s still possible.

How much can you expect to win?

“how much will I earn as a freelance web developer?” The statistics collected by the website salary.com estimate that the average salary of a web developer employed in a company is between 45000 € and 68000 € according to experience, this means that half of the employees in this sector earn less than this amount, while the other half earns more than this amount.

Not easy to gather information about freelance revenues. You can find a few people holding blogs dedicated to freelance in web development who advertise earning over € 90000 a year, but most people are below that income.

During your first years in the sector, as you build your clientele, you can expect to earn on average between € 20,000 and € 40,000. With more experience this amount averages between € 49,000 and € 79,000. Your location may also impact your salary, mainly if you work with local clients rather than online. Developers working in big cities or in countries where the cost of living is more expensive usually earn more.

Other benefits

Salary is the compensation that most people think first when it comes to assessing potential income. Nevertheless, there are other forms of compensation that you could receive while working freelance.

One of the ways to earn money as a freelancer outside of pay is free advertising. You can place an advertisement on your client’s website and get them to advertise. In this way, you will reduce marketing costs. Another form of compensation is to trade your services for goods. Freelancers often have the opportunity to obtain significant discounts on software, hardware or other products in exchange for discounts on their services. They can also exchange their services for other professional services such as accounting for example.

While these exchanges and benefits do not directly increase your gross developer salary, they reduce your operating costs and allow you to be more profitable. When negotiating with your customers, keep in mind that there are other alternatives to compensate you.

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