GMAT Test Preparation

GMAT Test Preparation: A quick guide to sure success

Appearing for the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is not that easy as it seems to be. This standardized computer based exam does require the students to put in lots of effort to complete the vast syllabus. Through the test, the applicants’ abilities are evaluated with regards to business administration and skills derived. This is undoubtedly the primary admission criterion that is followed by English speaking countries across the globe and India. Several coaching centers have come up that promises to provide good quality and prompt assistance to GMAT aspirants. The professionals also assure them of getting high scores that is a must have to get into the best business schools.

Understanding the exam

Prior to sitting for the exam, it will be effective and wise to understand the contents of the program and what is exactly involved the kind of future that the student can enjoy on successful completion, etc. Setting the objectives is of utmost importance, but only after having clear understanding of the same. Taking mock gmat test online also will give a clear picture of what the exam is all about and its contents.

The GMAT exam has been structured into three major sections, namely, Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical writing evaluation section.

  • Analytical writing evaluation test: It is the very first section that the candidates have to appear. This section does require the candidates to write two essays, with each being rated on scale of 0-6. Moreover, 2 unique writing skills are tested by the AWA, namely, analysis of argument and issue. Time allotted to complete this secretion is 30 minutes.
  • Quantitative Section: It is scored on 0-60 point scale and comes with 37 multiple based questions. All 37 questions have been divided broadly into two categories, like problem solving and data sufficiency. Approximately, there are 24 questions related to problem solving & 13 on data sufficiency. Total 75 minutes is allotted for the candidates to complete the whole section.
  • Verbal section: There are provided 41 multiple choice based questions in this section and score of 0-60 point scale. The candidates are provided with 75 minutes for completion of the section. All the 41 questions have been categorized into 3 types, namely, sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension. Approximately, 41 questions are present on reading comprehension, 13 on sentence correction and 14 on critical reading.

Since time given is very short in the exams and the questions quite tricky and complex, it is of utmost importance for the studnets to practice a lot and attempt plenty of mock exams. Joining one of the reputed coaching centers can help the students to derive gmat practice test online and to score high. The constant practice does provide them with lots of confidence to approach the exam boldly. It also increases their awareness of how to attempt the questions in the exam. The learning at the reputed coaching center does increase individual discipline and to adhere to given fixed schedule. Also is had sharing of ideas with the other studnets and plenty of interaction which helps to understand the subjects better.

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