heart bypass surgery

How long it takes to recover from heart bypass surgery

Heart Bypass Surgery is the most common procedure of heart surgery performed. It is recommended when one or more of the blood vessels are partially blocked. Also known as CABG, it is a complicated but effective procedure that eradicates the risk of heart attack. It requires significant amount of preparation and recovery time.

In this procedure, healthy blood vessel is taken from arm, leg or chest and connects it beyond blocked arteries in heart.

Cost of Bypass Surgery

The cost of CABG varies from country to country. However, the cost of Heart bypass surgery in India ranges between USD 4500 to USD 6000.

Why it’s done

It is the best option if someone has blocked artery or is considered if:

  • Left main coronary artery is blocked or narrowed
  • Performed in emergency situations such as heart attack
  • Have severe chest pain caused by narrowing of arteries
  • One diseased coronary artery and heart’s pumping chamber isn’t working properly

Types of Heart Bypass Surgery

CABG is an open-heart surgery, which means surgeon cuts the chest open to reach the heart. After this, surgeon performs surgery “on-pump” or “off-pump”.

In Off-pump, surgery is performed on the heart while it is still beating. A medication may be used to slow down the heart beat. Also known as beating heart surgery, it is performed for patients with single-vessel disease.

In on-pump, surgery involves using a heart-lung machine that breathes for body and circulates blood. This machine helps to stop machine which makes the operation easier.

What you can expect

Before Procedure

Before heart bypass surgery, patient should:

  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid eating and drinking after midnight on the night before surgery
  • Stop taking any drugs for 3 days before the surgery
  • Follow other instructions provided by doctor

During Procedure

The surgery takes between three and six hours and requires general anesthesia. The surgical techniques surgeon might use include:

  • Off-pump or beating-heart surgery: In this procedure, surgery is performed on the beating heart using equipment to stabilize the heart. It is challenging because the heart is still moving.
  • Minimally invasive surgery: Coronary bypass surgery is performed through small incisions in the chest.

After the surgery, the surgeon will restore heartbeat, disconnect you from heart-lung machine and close chest bone.

After Procedure

Patient has to spend day or two in ICU. Cardiac rehabilitation begins while patient is still in the hospital. Patient will be discharged from the hospital within a week.

Recovery time

Patient will have a tube down their throat that helps them to breath. It will be removed after 24 hours. Patient may have difficulty doing everyday chores or walking a short distance. The expected recovery period is of about 6 to 12 weeks. In some cases, patient can return to work after 4 to 6 weeks. After returning home, if patient have any of the following signs, call your doctor:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Fever
  • New pain around chest wound
  • Redness around chest wound or bleeding

What affects recovery time after heart surgery?

After discussing Heart bypass surgery cost in India with doctor, ask about steps you may take beforehand to improve health. These steps can help to shorten recovery time. Some factors on which recovery depends are:

  • Overall health. One of the biggest predictors for recovery is how healthy you are. Someone who has been sick for a long time prior to heart surgery will take a longer time to recover.
  • Whether you are overweight or smoke: If excess weight or smoking is your problem, work on these problems before surgery.
  • Type of surgery: It depends on the type of surgery performed. Patient may stay in ICU for several days. Cardiac rehabilitation will be started while you are still in hospital. During this time, patient will begin to get out of bed and increase activity level day by day.

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