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How to find reliable manufacturers in China?

Whenever someone says the top country to imports products in cheap rate, China comes to your mind. It happens because it is one of the leading exporters of the world and offers a variety of products across the globe. Therefore if you are looking for quality products at cheap rates or need to place a manufacturing order, China is your best bet.

But more than anything else, there are many scammers and unreliable suppliers and manufacturer also dealing in the market. That is why it is essential for you to find out the best and reliable manufacturers in China. Here are few methods of finding the right manufacture:

1. Trade show:

The trade show is one of the best ways to find reliable manufacture. Since to register in a trade show a company has to show their work and capabilities, they also have to go through an entire verification process. That is why most of the scammers stay away from trade shows and try not to indulge in any such activity. That is why they usually focus on other methods like the internet. Therefore e always check trade shows according to your business type and product so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality and find the best manufacturer in no time.

• Find a Chinese trade show In your city:

Since China is increasing their trade and exports, they arrange a trade show in many cities and countries around the world. Even if the entire trade show is not dedicated to a Chinese manufacturer, they may have participants in your local business trade show. That is why it is a good idea to keep an eye on them especially when you are searching for a good and reliable Chinese manufacturer.

• Visit trade show in China:

If your business can afford, you can always make a business trip to China to meet the manufacturers in person. A good way to keep things simple in by planning a visit to the trade show where you can find many options under the same roof.

 2. Online trade site

If you are looking for a great source and place to find the suppliers and manufacturers from China than is the best place to find them. It is one of the world’s lagers portals for tide and online marketplace and has more than a million products and 700,000 members. That is why if you have a particular search, you will find hundreds of results and manufacturers providing you with services. Therefore if you want to get hands-on Chinese manufacturer from your office or home, it is the right place to do it.


We all know very well and when it comes to finding a reliable Chinese manufacturer, we can always rely on Alibaba. There is an estimation of 279 million buying members and 8.5 million active selling members on and it is one of the largest B2B services providers. That is why whatever product you are looking for; there will be a guaranteed manufacturer here especially when you are buying in bulk since most of the manufacturer has MOQ (minimum order quantity) that means you have to place a bulk order. You can also find the best price and list down all the manufacturers by writing “manufacturer” in the search engine. However, you can get more details about the manufacturer from the Alibaba’s supplier directory if you become a registered buyer.

4. Search for latest electronics, phone accessories, fashion, toys and more: is a part of Alibaba group and it is the build to serve different products and market. That is why you would not find many manufacturers on AliExpress, but the best part is you can place small orders which is a plus point if you have limited capital. You have to dig in a little to find the manufacturers on AliExpress, and for that purpose, you have to contact the suppliers and see that they are willing to manufacture products for you or not. The best thing about AliExpress is that you will find lots of products and suppliers too, but before placing a deal you can find who are manufacturers from them. You can sort it out according to the sellers rating to make sure that you are dealing with the best ones.

5. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC):

If you are finding the manufacturers especially in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, HKTDC is the best place to find it. The HKTDC is one of the top international marketing places for Hong Kong-based trader’s service providers and manufacturers. That is why even it has many less known manufacturers and suppliers’ directory for a complete range of products. Therefore if you are looking for accessories, auto parts, electronics, jewelry, textiles or toy, you can always check the website and see which suppliers they have listed. The plus point is contacting the manufacturer pretty easy and simple and you can send a message directly to your supplier. You can also ask for third part reference and verification from the manufacturer before placing an order and make sure they are a middleman or actual manufacture.

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