Find your Perfect Breakfast in Bed

How to Find your Perfect Breakfast in Bed for Every Occasion

We all are always busy in our life to keep going with the pace. We go to office and at the same time, we have to handle household as well. The biggest part of household is making food. This is one crucial thing that you cannot avoid. So, here are a few ideas of perfect breakfast in the bed on occasions.

1) Things Kids Can Make For Breakfast 

Things Kids Can Make For Breakfast

Kids are not the perfectionist, but their effort should be ‘appreciated’ always. Here are the simple breakfasts that kids can make for you.

  1. a) Breakfast Skewers: This is an easy way to let the children do their creative work. For this breakfast, you need skewer sticks and fruits with smaller pancakes. Let your child stack the pancakes in possible creative ways. Then let them personalize the breakfast by stacking those skewers on breakfast platter.
  1. b) Simple Breakfast Art: For the house full of kids, nothing is perfect than this for a breakfast. Different members of the family have different breakfasts. So first supply the items to the kids. Help them collect pancakes and egg omelets with fresh-cut fruits. Besides, there will be milk shakes and cookie cutters. But most importantly, supply them unbreakable platters. Then let them have the freedom to decorate those foods on the platter. He or she can make flowers or happy faces. Encourage his/her spirit to create more and more.

2) Heart Shaped Breakfast Food

Heart Shaped Breakfast Food

Heart shaped anything is always special because it makes us remind of the heart and love. Here is how you can use the heart even in food. 

  1. a) Red Velvet Toast: This gift is perfect as the Valentine’s Day breakfast. Make the bread of heart-shape. Then make use of the red dye to make it look like red heart. You can use the heart shaped platter to relate it more with the idea. Heart-shaped pancakes and omelets will also add flavor to this idea. Certain sweetening ingredients will give your valentine breakfast a touch of love. Find more guest post in 10minuteideas.
  2. b) Fruit Salad: This breakfast idea is very simple to give yourself a power booster in the Valentine morning. If you have special cutter, then cut the fruits in special shapes. Or you can use heart-shaped platters and bowls to decorate your breakfast in. Apples and strawberries must be there as they are of red color. You can add watermelon as well.

3) Birthday Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Birthday Breakfast in Bed Ideas

What can be a better idea to make the birthday special than making a bed breakfast? Here are a few ways.

  1. a) Breakfast Pizza: The most important part of pizza is the topping which includes simple ingredients. Tomato and onion are must. Eggs and cheese is perfect for topping. You can also use sausages and vegetables to give flavor to it. A pizza breakfast on the bed on your birthday is the best thing.
  2. b) Donut Box: Birthdays are occasions of sweet things. A donut box is perfect for the person who has a special sweet tooth. A box full of varieties of flavor and designs of donut will be one of the best breakfast gift baskets. 

4) Breakfast in Bed Gift Basket Ideas

Breakfast in Bed Gift Basket Ideas

It happens more often that we have people who do not live near us. So these below baskets are best to send birthday gifts to those. 

  1. a) Fruit Bouquet: This gift needs a little preparation before sending as it needs proper arrangements. Decorate the basket like a bouquet of flowers with suitable fruits. Different berries are soothing for eyes as well as for stomachs. You can make it by yourself if you have time and ideas. But if you want to make it perfect, it is better to order it online.
  2. b) Coffee, Tea and Biscuits Basket: Snacks like biscuits and cookies are always important needs of the house. So a basket full of these crockery things is always welcome as gift. There are varieties of flavors of teas and coffees that you can add in your gift basket. For biscuits, choose the ones that are tasty and stays for longer time.

The above ideas are best to make your breakfast perfect for anyone on any occasion.

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