touching your pregnant belly

How you intend to cope up with people touching your pregnant belly?

It is pretty much expected that your body is subject to a lot of physical and hormonal changes during the tenure of pregnancy. Your feeling of nausea and gaining weight which are something that you cannot avoid.  But some changes might catch you off guard. Rubbing pregnant bellies would be a surprise for sure.

Your family or your close relatives might think of touching the pregnant belly as and when the pregnancy progresses. You might allow your husband to touch your pregnant belly depending  upon on how you feel at that point of time. The same situation might arise if someone asks you in a polite manner. But why do people touch pregnant bellies is a million dollar question. The worst part is that total strangers might walk up and touch the pregnant belly as if common manners and courtesy have left the planet.

Now the question is why do they like to rub your belly? Are they of the opinion that the baby would emerge in the form of a smoke and grant all their wishes. The phenomenon of touching belly is so rampant that a law has been in place. If you touch the pregnant belly of a lady it is equal to harassment.

No one still dares to touch the breast of a woman, then why on earth do they have the courage to touch their pregnant belly. Still today this scenario is wide spread. The little ones or the elders might do it in the hope of having a feel on how the baby goes on to move. If you ask them the reason for doing so they would say that they would really like to feel the miracle in you.

One of the grave issues is that if a woman reacts to the unwanted touched it would mean that she is hormonal or oversensitive to what is happening around. Do not commit this mistake as after all it happens to be your body. The onus is on your to tell anyone that you do not like their touching in any way.

There are some women who say that they did have considerable amount of luck to touch back. There is no need to shout on top of your voice or for the matter yell. Your body language should convey the message that you do not want to be touched. Just relay to them that it is a real botheration for them. This same policy applies for a stranger who is standing in line at the supermarket and touching your pregnant belly.

If the tone is polite or a request you can consider allow someone to touch your pregnant belly. After all it does appear to be your body and you are hole and sole of the decision. In case if you are planning to say no, there does not need to be any explanation. No matter whoever approaches you the right is with you to say a no.

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