Refurbished smartphones

Is it good enough to buy refurbished smart phones?

The Refurbished smart phones are like a buzzword these days. They do not mean any kind of damaged goods. Rather they have a different meaning altogether.

What basically is “Refurbished”?

The term ‘refurbished’ means a pre-owned handset that is box-opened and used. It has been given up for sale due to some problem faced on its use by the seller. But it is repaired and is prepared for resale. The word refurbished conjures up some unappealing and not so assuring images in the mind of the buyer.

But that is not the actual case. Not all refurbished phones have fault in them. Some of the refurbished pieces are just returned by the seller within a few days of its use if he is not satisfied with its functioning and performance.

There are several types of products that are categorized under the label of refurbished.

  1. Damaged: Might be having some minor scratches or broken parts. It might have happened during shipping or careless handling of the object.
  2. Box-opened: This might be a used product and there is nothing “new” about it.
  3. Demo product: It is the demo piece at the shop or retailer which goes for repackaging or refurbishing.
  4. Production Defect: The mistake has been made by the manufacturer himself and hence the piece went for refurbishment.

If you are gearing up to buy a refurbished smart phone but are confused about whether to buy one or not, then have a look at some of the reasons that would ensure you in purchasing one.

  • Budget issues: If you are on a budget and do not want to invest too much on a smart phone, then buying a refurbished one is absolutely perfect. This is a good idea to buy a high-end phone at a lower price. Thus you get a branded handset but at a much lower price.
  • Improved condition: If you decide to buy a second-hand phone in the simplest of manners, then buying it directly from the seller seems good. But if you buy a refurbished phone, you are going to get a repaired piece with everything inspected, tested and certified. But you might not get a repaired piece if you are buying it as non-refurbished.
  • Warranty Available: Buying a refurbished is definitely a good choice. The phones which are refurbished come together with a warranty as well. You may ask the seller about extended warranty as well for its longer protection. But, a used device will not be provided with any warranty. You are just going to get a device with no add-ons attached to it.
  • Comes as certified: Not all third-party retailers or refurbish can certify about your refurbished smartphones. Go for the factory certified products who can offer you tested and qualified product with the necessary certificates that brings it closer to its original standards.
  • Enjoy Return policy: Some of the refurbish do have the flexible policy of returning gadget if you don’t find its working satisfactory. Days are specified within the return policy of the seller. You can decide the one whose policy suits you the best and make your purchase.
  • Get deals or discounts: This is one of the perks of buying a refurbished phone from a distinct seller. Even if your phone is not carrying any additional accessories with its original packing, you can definitely get to enjoy some offers from the refers. They might pair up your phone with a Bluetooth headset or power bank and that too at a reasonable price.
  • It’s almost as good as new: Yes, it’s certainly true. A certified box-opened and tested model has got all the repairs and replacement done within it, which makes it all the more apt to buy. Thus it is an impressive deal if you want a branded, fully working and certified model in one. Any scratches, broken parts are perfectly repaired in this refurbished handset.

Are you satisfied enough? Buying a refurbished phone is a good deal if you are looking for quality within an affordable range. A refurbished phone has everything cleaned out with its newer and reformed form. Its easy affordability and quality certification is the reason that buyers today are inclined towards the refurbished smart phone.

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