Is oral problem related to unhealthy heart?

Is oral problem related to unhealthy heart?

Do you know that ignoring dental problems will not only dull your smile and increase your visits to the dentist but can also make you a heart patient? Experts still say that there ‘may’ be a connection. Let’s discuss how.

Gum Disease and Unhealthy Heart: Are they interconnected?

After a never-ending debate, experts came out with a conclusion that both of them may share common causes and inflammation is one of them. Atherosclerosis is narrowing of the arteries due to plaque deposits around the artery wall and inflammation is one of the causes. Similarly, gum disease also progresses with inflammation.

Let’s take an example of Gingivitis is a gum disease when plaque deposits on the teeth and causes inflamed gums.

What do experts say about Gum Disease and Heart Disease?

After going through several research papers, data as well as studies, experts came out with the following conclusion:

  • A person with inflamed gums is vulnerable to develop coronary artery disease. Tooth loss patterns are also linked to coronary artery disease.
  • A person with gum disease is at higher risk of developing stroke. It causes disorders in the blood vessels and arteries making them supply inefficient blood or oxygen to the brain. It has also been co concluded that a person with fewer or no teeth is prone to develop stroke.
  • Studies have also found that the blocked arteries in the leg are strongly associated with gum problems.
  • The bacteria causing gum diseases is similar to the bacteria found in the blood vessels responsible for atherosclerosis.
  • From mild to severe gum disease, inflammation is the basic cause which rises C-reactive protein (CRP) level in the body. These CRP levels also increase the risk of heart attack in the person.
  • Experts have also proven that diabetic patients can get the benefit of the doubt from periodontal treatment.

Conclusion: Medical Approach to a Healthy Heart and Healthy Gums

For a healthy smile and teeth, it is advisable to reach out to the best hospital for dental treatment in India. Nevertheless, oral care isn’t the only key to a healthy heart, it is imperative to look after your teeth and gums regularly.

  • Dentists should advise their patients to brush twice a day, floss daily, schedule regular visits to the dentist for proper checkups and cleanings. Ask their patients to quit smoking as it causes gum as well as heart diseases. A person with gum disease is at high risk for heart, arteries and blood vessel problems.
  • If a heart disease patient shows any sign of gum disease or high CRP level, then he/she should seek a periodontal evaluation as soon as possible.

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