Ketomac Shampoo- The Value Proposition For Your Hair

Natural, shining and healthy hair is something that everyone desires to possess. In this era of pollution; contaminated air and water, natural and shiny hair is a blessing. People try hundreds of tricks amd remedies for their hair in order to maintain its growth and shine. These include, home-made redies like egg white, aloe vera, lemon etc., or shampoos, conditioners, oils and serums.

The industry-based products are lucrative and one might feel that they are using the best hair product from the market. But, have they ever thought of the damage that they bring to your hair in the long run? These products contain harmful chemicals that might feel good for sometime, but does more harm than good.

Shampoo ketomac is a effective natural shampoo for hair care that suits all hair textures and include essential vitamins and protein, necessary for natural hair growth. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and brings natural shine with a glossy texture which is as natural as it. It is the substitute for all hair care products that one uses amd keeps them healthy and strong. It has no pigments, thus adds shine to the hair and strengthens the cuticle, making it smoother.

Daily use of shampoos that are no less than chemucal-laden products, dyeing, bleaching, heating and styling can cause great damage to the hair. Therefore, it is necessary that one chooses a product ghat is free from certain harmful chemicals.

  1. Sulfates are abundantly found in the shampoos, nowadays. They are strong chemical cleansers that drains out the natural oils of the hair.
  2. Silicones are added for additional gloss and shine but they get collected and makes the hair look dull.
  3. Alcohols are commonly found in shampoos that eventually dries out the hair over time.

Ketomac shampoos are quickly catching the market as an all-natural hair shampoo and shine booster. It balances the pH level of ones hair. It has the perfect balance of the natural ingredients nourishes the hair and moisturizes the hair, as it attracts moisture and adds to cleansing properties. This product has been formulated for natural-looking hair as it consists of essential natural oils too that the hair has lost over time due to certain use of chemicals or pollution, in general.

While using ketomac shampoo, one should be careful about the directions of use. The steps involve:

Wetting the hair and scalp thoroughly and completely with water, then applying and massaging the ketomac shampoo gently all over, so that it produces enough lather for cleansing the hair and then finally rinsing it with water.

The dosage and number of times to be used should be prescribed by a certified. It also depends on the strength of the shampoo which might vary from 1%-2% and the condition being treated.

They contain an anti-fugal agent, ketoconazole that treats fungal infections that harm the hair and lead to dullness and hair loss. The proven and viable shampoo, also reduces follicular inflammation that contributes to alopecia i.e., sudden hair loss. Ketomac shampoo shampoos contains ketoconazole as an integral part of their formula.

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