Kidney Transplant cost in India

A major and a complex surgical procedure known as kidney or renal transplantation. In India this surgery has improved a lot with all the advanced techniques and innovations, kidney transplantation in India  is safe and ensures speedy recovery.For this surgery kidney donor is needed that can be a living donor who is willing to donate one kidney to the patient or it can be taken from a dead person or cradever. But mostly patients opt for kidney from live donor transplant.

Getting the treatment in India you can trust the Indian medical system when it comes to organ transplantation as the organ transplant laws are very strict and it prohibits any commercial transaction for kidney transplantation in India. According to Indian law only blood relatives are allowed to donate kidney and if any unrelated person wants to donate their kidney then they need to take special permission from the government of India . According to the law there should be absolutely no commercial transaction involved between the donor and the kidney recipient for transplantation done in India.

Steps for Kidney Transplantation in India

  • The donor needs to be identified- preferably it should be a close relative
  • Investigation of the donor and patient compatibility is done. If this process is not available in your country, you can get it done in a country closest to you. otherwise, you have to come to India for investigations to complete the process.
  • Once the compatibility is confirmed, investigation for operability is done.
  • Surgery  for kidney transplant in India will take place only after the above confirmations and completion of documents related to the same.

One of the most vital organ of human body is the Kidney that performs the most important functions like

  • filter waste from blood and excreting that waste out of body in form of urine .
  • kidney also assists in maintaining body’s fluid and electrolyte balance

If the kidney stops working normally, the waste in the body starts accumulating and it makes a person ill and that would need kidney transplant to replace your diseased kidney with a new, healthy kidney. Also, every kidney failure patient cannot get into kidney transplantation, series of tests are performed on both donor and receiver to check the compatibility for the same. The test includes  blood group typing, tissue and HLA typing and cross matching.

Kidney failure occurs mostly because of several disorders because of which the kidney stops to function properly. The last-stage renal disease and kidney failure are the two main cause for kidney damage. Short term severe kidney illness can cause acute kidney failure or it can be chronic kidney failure, which occurs because of long term ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Factors because of which people get more prone to kidney failure are:

  • Severe high blood pressure issues which is uncontrolled
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Liver related disease or its failure
  • Vascular disease like renal artery thrombosis, progressive systemic thrombosis etc.
  • Cancers
  • Diseases like acute tubular necrosis, acquired obstructive nephropathy
  • kidney disease like poly cystic kidney disease, congenital obstructive nephropathy etc.
  • SLE, injury

Time needed for the treatment when you come to India depends on the condition of the patient but, normally patient needs to come to India for 5 to 7 weeks  which includes hospital stay for approximately 10 days and nearby 30 days outside the hospital for recovery and follow up.

Cost of kidney transplant in India

Vaidam Health is NABH certified platform which  helps you to plan your surgery within your budget,  Vaidam recognizes the significance of excellent health and well-being of their clients and hence it provides complete knowledge for  kidney transplant treatment cost  in India. Vaidam connects you to topnotch doctors of the country and best hospitals so that you can get your treatment under best team without any problem.Kidney Transplant Surgery ranges between USD 10,000 to USD 14000 approximately.

Cost of the treatment depends on the factors like:

  • The hospital, the patient chooses.
  • Standard of Room which is selected –Standard, deluxe , super deluxe for the number of nights specified (including nursing fee, meals, room rate, and room service).
  • Fee of  expert doctors and OT charges.
  • cost of  medications
  • Standard tests and diagnostic procedures.
  • Cost of the recovery medication and follow up care given to the patient.

Vaidam Health Care

Vaidam encourages you to educate yourself about the complete kidney transplantation treatment in India, its benefits and then make an informed decision. Vaidam allows you to send your inquiry in the inquiry section or give a call and expert medical adviser will get in touch with you and assures you hassle free arrangements for examinations, procedures, recovery, travel and stay in India.

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