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Life of Orphans – Orphanages in Jammu & Kashmir

A child is a blessing for parents! Similarly lucky are those children who are bestowed with wonderful parents. Unfortunately, there are certain mishappenings in life that can change the whole life of children. Yes, we are talking about orphanage life or commonly named as anathalya.

It is very difficult to imagine the pain and suffering of orphans, especially for those who are living a normal life. Because of frequent terrorism, there are many orphanages in Jammu & Kashmir. The armed struggle has led to immeasurable and continuous miseries, producing orphans. They are the voiceless souls who crave for their loved ones.  

Traumatic experience

The children in the orphanages often suffer mental trauma. They have been encountered with multiple cruel and unpleasant incidents that leave a permanent mark of sadness and ugly memories throughout their life. Moreover, there is nothing permanent in their lives. People or staff in the orphanage keep on changing. Caretakers come and go that may lead to further problems in strengthening lasting attachments.

Delays in development

However, the effects of stay are not uniform, they may vary depending on the other factors, but in most of the cases, children living in orphanages are deprived of care that may affect the developmental stage. There is a delay in their social, physical and emotional development, and in certain cases are at great risk for diseases. They may suffer from anti-social behavior.

Lack of basic facilities

The lack of basic facilities like food and clothing are the serious issues plaguing the Jammu & Kashmir orphanages. Most of the homes are without requisite staff. The children are often malnourished, suffering from various deficiencies. They are not provided with proper bedding and clothing that further hinders a child’s ability to grow both physically and mentally.

Apart from all this, there are numerous problems for the girls. There are many unregistered anathalayas in Jammu and Kashmir being run that harass and torture girls and many a time cases of sexual offenses are booked. In order to bring changes, the government should make permanent arrangements to bring a wholesome environment and give them equal opportunities. Various NGOs are also participating and are taking multiple steps to educate these children and provide basic needs of food and clothing. Even people without children can adopt orphans and help them to live a better life. All these orphan children need is support and help, not sympathy. 

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