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Neurology Surgery in India: A Brief Cost and Benefit Analysis

With the application of advanced approaches to neurological disorder treatment in India, not only is neurosurgery in the country as good as countries which have advanced significantly in medical sciences, it’s finding its way to the top of the list. Case-specific treatments which enhance patient’s chances of survival have become a de facto in the health industry, particularly, in the realm of neurology. Genomic analysis leads the way as the best neurology hospitals in India research into every case to fingerprint its genetic characteristics and mutation. The findings go from research labs and benches to bedside application in the form of precision or targeted therapies.

On a similar note, cost efficiency of neurosurgical operations in India has been a big success to not just the country but also low and middle-income countries. India offers quality health services to nationals of other countries at considerably low and affordable costs making it possible for average income earners to have as much access to advanced medical care as people whose pockets are deep.

Adding to that, a simple cost and benefit analysis of neurosurgical treatments in India, as given thus, shows that the benefit, for instance, of getting brain aneurysm treatment, outweighs the cost by far, especially when compared to other countries that offer quality treatments as India.   The analysis provides an insight into why people from different parts of the world including advanced countries, would prefer India for treatments- treatment is worth the shot.

In India, the average cost of a brain aneurysm and similar neurological disorders is $6800. Treatment includes a series of tests and scans such as computerized tomography, cerebrospinal fluid test,  magnetic resonance imaging and cerebral angiogram. Surgical procedure includes clipping and endovascular coiling. Above all, neurosurgical hospitals in India also apply advanced, precision therapies when deemed necessary.

On that note, $6800 is quite fair a cost for the procedure described above. This figure would, for the most part, go into just tests and scans, anywhere else. In most countries, treatment like this costs approximately $12,000 to $15000 or more, even with Transitional Care Programs (TCPs) brought into the picture to cut down cost.

There are, however, cost influencing factors like the intensity of operation, length of days of admission, case-specific arrangements, especially when the case requires a neurologist to apply advanced approach like combined or precision therapy. This may top up the cost. Patients are always advised to get along with their doctors to discuss or negotiate treatment terms in details beforehand.

From hospital to hospital, the cost of treatment will vary as much as the quality of medical care offered. Cost doesn’t however, define quality. Quality is a function of choosing the best neuro hospital in India rather than the most expensive one.

In conclusion, looking at it all from the economic angle, Indian health economic programs are aimed at subsidized or cost-effective health care. In other words, why to go elsewhere to pay three times the cost of treatment in India when the best Neuro hospitals in India can offer better medical care.

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