Quick Benefits of Choosing Linux Web Hosting

In this day and age, most businesses, especially large ones, have built up their own websites. And those that don’t have websites are looking out for ones. Have you ever thought about why many companies want to have websites? The answer is very simple: because there are many benefits. Top of these benefits is that people can browse your latest products and services easily. They can communicate directly with you, share their opinions about your products if you allow them and provide them with your contact information.

With a website, you are able to give audience information they need from you and help them decide to avail the products and services at their convenience. Indeed, a site has become an essential part of today’s business.

Having your own website

If you want to have a website for your business, then first that you should do is to find the best web hosting company. The company should be known for providing perfect uptime so that your website can be accessible at any time. So, search carefully for a reliable web hosting service provider that can offer you the best features and secure data from hackers.

Hosting options

When you search for a hosting company, you can come across Windows Hosting and Linux Web Hosting. Both these hosting options are trusted and offer great features. However, a local web server using Windows is open to many threats such as viruses, worms, Trojan, spyware, etc. So, look for a good Windows Hosting that can protect their servers.

Although Linux hosting is also open to malware, not as much as the Windows hosting that can harm Linux. Here are some of the features of Linux web hosting that make it the right choice.

But before this, let me share information about Linux Hosting.

Linux web hosting

Linux web hosting refers to web hosting solutions based on a server that is running the Linux operating system. It is the most widely used web hosting platform, especially for small, medium-sized businesses. This is because Linux web hosting is cheaper than Windows hosting. Also, it is an open source software product and does not require high licensing fees that other operating systems do. Moreover, you are free to download and use Linux at no cost. In contrast, for Window based hosting, you need to pay software and maintenance fees.

Features of Linux Web Hosting

IP Addresses

If you choose Linux hosting plans, you have the features to log the IP address of visitors. By doing so, you can identify the problems of the servers and prevent frauds.

Data Security

Linux also features to safeguard the information collected from their customers. This hosting option is known for using industry-standard security measures like the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and Encryption of vital information. So, every piece of information and data shared on the website is safe and secure.

Data Integrity

Apart from all these, Linux hosting also makes sure that the information available on your site is correct and safe. Your site will be equipped with advanced technologies to guarantee the proper use of information, prevent unauthorized access and preserve data accuracy.

Data Access

A popular Linux hosting company can provide you with 24/7 customer support. With their help, your audience can have access to identifiable information, and you can correct any errors about the information. Besides, experts can take steps to recognize the customer before giving access to the said information.


Apart from the above benefits, the Linux operating system is very stable. So, the Linux web hosting service provider can guarantee high uptime. The best part is that Linux supports most scripting language and types of web files. With this web hosting, you are able to use files with several extensions such as.htm, .html, .pl, .php, .shtml, .asp, .xml, and others.

Other benefits

Other benefits of Linux web hosting are that they are more affordable when compared with Windows, provide support for PHP scripts and MySQL database. Some hosts may also provide you with telnet accounts without charging extra.


With all the features and benefits, it is right to say that Linux web hosting is safe and secure. These are the benefits that make Linux more secure and reliable and have become popular among designers, programmers, and developers. If you are looking out for such features in your web hosting, then find a hosting company that can offer you Linux hosting service. It can do an excellent job not only by letting you have an accessible website, but also one that is secured enough to protect information from leaking out and other cybercrimes that can be a threat for your business.

So, find a reliable web hosting company that offers the best hosting plans at the best prices.

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