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In previous publications in the Kristar blog we presented the characteristics of the racks for dynamic picking system stores, an excellent solution for environments of high product rotation. These storage systems are based on the displacement by gravity, and are composed of a series of inclined platforms with rollers or roldanas to speed up the entry and exit of the loading units, because when placing the merchandise at one end it slides to the opposite side without requiring additional efforts.

For our visitors to become more familiar with this picking system and specifically, with the employee for storage of boxes, this time we will talk about the cardboard flow and its construction systems, which guarantee a perfect product rotation.

The racks for storage carton flow are designed to be used in the areas of the warehouses where a high volume of picking is presented, and because of their design they contribute to increase the number of preparation lines, reducing the need for personnel displacement and the efforts to take care of such operations. Among the main advantages of this storage system is a greater number of references on the shelves, a greater capacity to store, a perfect rotation of products, a reduction in the time of preparation of orders and additionally offers the possibility of implementation of a pick to light system, with an indicator display for warehouse operators. It is by its characteristics that the cardboard flow is an ideal system for sectors of consumer products, in cosmetics, pharmacy, automotive and computer,

The construction systems used in carton flow shelves are composed of basic medium-depth modules, including racks and point rails, complete frames with presentation tray and straight, frame supports, safety triggers, anchor bolts, plates leveling, minicarriles and minicarril clips; and optional components, such as minicarril brakes, spacers and guide profiles. Another characteristic feature of this system is that its rails and inclination can be easily modified to adapt them to the changes that occur, according to the needs of the environment where the solution is implemented, which allows responding to changes due to changes in the type of box used in the warehouse, either by its dimensions and weight as by the materials with which they are manufactured,

In framework construction systems without a presentation tray, the frames are the ones that support the merchandise and are specially designed to make possible any graduation and facilitate its assembly. These frames can be straight, or present a presentation tray. The basic shallow modules are in cardboard flow, the simplest systems, and only consist of racks, inlet and outlet stringers and rails with roldans, ideal for storing light products and use shallow shelves. On the other hand are the modules with pallet reservation, in which boxes are placed on top of the dynamic shelves. Finally there are the modules with a table for conveyors, those with rollers or a conveyor belt for moving the products and boxes,

Dynamic carton flow racks have a solution for handling loads, and a conveyor is the most used. In this there is a platform to which the operator can move the boxes to prepare the products, but there is also the solution with two conveyors, one inside and one outside to keep the boxes in motion and reduce travel efforts to access to orders already prepared.

There is another option that uses the same elements as the basic modules; these are the mobiles, which in their upper part integrate platforms with wheels, and systems with a lot of depth, in which the frames are joined by the sides, also incorporating minicarril joints and intermediate fixings of crossbeams for greater stability. Since we have mentioned the minicarriles, it is convenient to talk about their characteristics: they are metal profiles with plastic sheaves. The axles of the minicarriles are also metallic to offer great resistance and a smooth rolling and the sheaves can be simple, with fins or with double alternate sheave, which is recommended to choose according to the weight and characteristics of the boxes used.

When choosing the configuration of the storage system, it is necessary to assess different aspects and one of the most important is the distribution of levels. Proper distribution ensures the proper functioning of the system and easy access to products and as in all racks for warehousesit is determined according to the size, weight and shape of the load unit, its extraction, the size of the products contained in the load unit and the work system. So that they can choose the best configuration for their environment, in future publications in the Kristar blog we will present a series of recommendations, and with calculations on which they can be based to define these and other specific characteristics of the warehouse, as well as the measures of the elements that make up these systems available in our catalog. In any case, the ideal is to contact a professional who is responsible for configuring the system, based on an analysis of the characteristics and needs of the environment.

The carton flow dynamic racks have a wide variety of applications, thanks to which they allow numerous combinations to speed up the tasks in the storage areas. To know all the configuration options that can be achieved with this storage system, we invite you to get in touch with us, at Kristar we are experts and we will gladly provide specialized advice on the choice of racks for warehouses that are better suited to the needs of your store. Finally get best solutions from Industrial Storage Rack Manufacturer.

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