Some of the Clothing Items that the Muslim Men’s Wear to Cover Themselves

In India, each religion and culture have their own type of clothing. There are numerous types of clothing items that are worn by people of different religions. Some of the clothing items that are used by the Muslim men’s to cover their bodies are mentioned below with a brief description of them:

Pagdi: Pagdi is the cultural head covering or head wearing of the people of Sikh religion. This is a head covering that is used by the Muslim men’s of some parts.

Pagdi covers the head of the men and gives them an ethnic and good look. Pagdi is usually worn by the people of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Sikh people wear different types of Pagdi whereas Muslim men’s wear white colored Pagdi only. People can easily search for online hijab shop, online Pagdi shop as because shopping online will help you in buying clothes at cheap and affordable prices.

Thobe: Thobe is a long one piece maxi type clothing that is used by the men’s of Muslim culture. Thobe is a dress that helps men to keep their bodies warm in the cold weather.

Thobes are worn with a pair of tailor fitted shirt or Serwal that is also known as Pajamas of Pants. Thobes are mainly white in color.

Thobes are the dresses that are usually worn by the Sheiks of Dubai and other countries also.

Serwal: Serwal is the Pajamas or Pants that the men’s of Muslim culture wear when going for prayers or to a mosque.

These are the pants that can be worn with a tailor fitted shirt or with a Kurtas. These are the common dresses that Muslim men’s wear.

Shalwar Kameez: Shalwar Kameez is a dress that men and women wear to cover themselves but the designing of both men and women Shalwar Kameez is different.

Shalwar is the lower wearing whereas Kameez is the upper wearing. Shalwar Kameez of men usually lose and pant fitted respectively.

Bisht: Bisht is the winter clothing items that are used by men’s to protect their bodies from the cold environment. Bisht is a long coat like dresses.

Bisht is very much warm because they are made from the animal’s skin. These are the dresses that are usually worn by men for marriages and parties.

These Bisht are the oldest form of dresses that are worn by the people of Muslim culture.

Ghutra and Egal: Ghutra is the head coverings that are made of red and white patterned cloth whereas Egal is a rope that is used to set the Ghutra in its place.

Ghutra and Egal are usually worn by the people of Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. this head covering is common wearing of Sheiks of Dubai.

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