Storage Units for You

Whether you are moving or if you just have too much stuff in your home, you may benefit from storage units. These small rooms are usually fenced and locked so that your belongings are secure. They are good for personal belongings or businesses and can be rented by the month or by the year, depending on the reason you need it. There are several different types available for your needs.

One of the options you have for your belongings are self-storage units. These are perfect for you if you are a small business or residence. These can vary in size from 10’x5′ to 20’x20′ do not have windows and are usually made of concrete walls and metal roofs. You can provide your own locks and get them anytime you need. The security features include gates that open automatically with a code, motion detectors, alarms, and cameras. They are usually found in urban areas.

Another type of storage unit are climate-controlled. These are just like storage units Atlanta as far as the size and security features. However, you cannot always access them because they may have an attendant who is not on premises overnight. The difference between climate-controlled and self-storage is that they are usually in buildings that are several stories that are accessed by elevators and loading docks. You can store things like furniture, musical instruments, and antiques that can get ruined if not controlled by heating and air conditioning. These units typically cost a little more to rent.

You can also rent portable storage units. These vary in size and are usually trailer units that can be moved to different locations. These are usually used for businesses that have an overflow of belongings or for someone who is moving and needs the storage space on premises so that they can pack it easier. When ready to move, they are loaded onto a truck and transported to a new location.

Finally, you may need storage units for larger property items such as boats, rv’s, or cars. These may be needed to protect them from the hot sun or the cold and icy winter. These are usually numbered spaces in a large building where you would park this vehicle.

All storage units do have some rules that you need to follow if you want to use them. You should not store hazardous materials or items that may perish. You also should not allow people or your pets to stay in them. If you are found to not be following the rules, your stuff will likely be kicked out and issued a fine, depend on what the contract says. Also, if you quit paying rent your stuff may be sold in auction to the public.

No matter what you need storage for, there are units available for you. Having your possessions stored away while you are in the process of moving will make your moving day much easier.

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