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The Cause Of Endoscopy – Advantages And Disadvantages

Endoscopy – To see the body’s internal organs and tissues in detail, a long and thin tube is inserted directly into the body, this process is called endoscopy. Through this process, the diseases and problems arising out of body parts are detected without incision in the body. Endoscopy is a thin and flexible tube with the camera on top.

Endoscopy test is usually done by testing internal parts of the body parts to diagnose illnesses. Apart from this, endoscopy is also done for the detection of abnormal symptoms in the body and biopsy. For biopsy, the doctor removes the tissues from the body organs and examines it with the help of endoscope.

Why is endoscopy

  • To find out the causes of abdominal pain.
  • Ulcers, gastritis and difficulty in swallowing.
  • On bleeding in the digestive system, after bleeding
  • Having severe diarrhea and constipation.
  • After polyps or growths in the colon
  • To remove stomach ulcers, gallstones and tumors.
  • Pancreatitis and swelling in the stomach.
  • To diagnose ulceration colitis.
  • When abnormally bleeding from the vagina
  • When urinates in urine
  • When there are diseases related to digestive system.
  • For the diagnosis of hernia.
  • In transit

About eight to 12 hours prior to endoscopy, the patient is forbidden to eat something. But patient can take water, juice or liquid drink 2 hours before endoscopy. A day before the endoscopy is given, laxatives are given to the patient in the night so that the patient’s stomach becomes completely clean. After this, the patient is thoroughly tested before endoscopy. During this time if you are consuming any medicines, then you should tell the doctor about it. Apart from this, if you have an allergy problem, then it should also be told to the doctor and check the endoscopy cost in kolkata.

Advantages of Endoscopy Test –

An endoscopy test is done for the diagnosis of various diseases in the body. Let’s know what are the benefits of doing an endoscopy test.

The biggest advantage of having endoscopy is that it is less invasive than in other tests.

  • To get this test requires at least preparations and time is short.
  • However, after the last night of doing this endoscopy test, some food is forbidden, leaving the stomach empty and the disease is detected properly. Prior to endoscopy, the patient is given an injection of light anesthesia, so that the patient should not have any pain during the test.
  • By taking endoscopy test, the internal organs of the body is diagnosed with the correct causes of the disease, which can be started on time.
  • Endoscopy is a great option to detect various diseases associated with digestive system.
  • This test saves time and the correct and accurate picture of the diseases generated in the internal organs on the monitor also appears.
  • Endoscopy is very beneficial in removing tissues for biopsy.

Loss of Endoscopy Test –

Usually endoscopy tests are considered safe, but some tests may also cause some disadvantages.

  • After endoscopy, the patient’s body may have cramping and swelling in the body.
  • Due to anesthesia given, the patient’s throat can remain numb for several hours.
  • There is a risk of infection in place of the test, although it is also cured of taking antibiotics.
  • There can be persistent pain in the place where endoscopy is performed.
  • After endoscopy, the patient may also have internal bleeding.
  • The color of the patient’s stool may be darker.
  • After endoscopy, the patient may have trouble breathing.

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