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Things you must know before apply for Coca cola scholarship

Are you looking for coca cola scholarship like other American students who have will to win this scholarship. Making a will for winning coca cola scholarship is easy but if you really want to win this scholarship you need to work on yourself. Remember that very ordinary and exceptional students wins the great opportunity of coca cola scholarship. You may be count yourself in coca cola scholars if you have the qualities like leadership, participation in extra circular activates, and in other words you qualities to prove yourself that you can bring change in the community or you can re-shape community positively.

Coca cola the world’s largest brand in bottling industry take the step to provide the financial support to young exceptional students of United States of America first time in 1986. From onward the big giant of bottling industry provides the funds to exceptional students of worth $20000 as a graduation support fund. To handle the financial support funds they introduce a coca cola scholar’s foundation which handles the whole system of graduation funds. The big giant coca cola also support the other scholarship funds as well.

More than 100k students from different states of America apply for coca cola scholarship and only 2000 were selected as finalist who go in next round and these 2000 finalist participates in essay competition and only 250 candidates were selected for interview call. Only 150 candidates selected out of 250 after the interview and these 150 candidates considered as a winner of coca cola starship. The final 150 candidates were awarded $20000 for graduation funds.

Eligibility criteria for Coca Cola scholarship

To apply for you dream scholarship you must have the following things to be eligible for coca cola scholarship

  1. You must be current high school senior in US.
  2. Must US citizen or must be permanent resident of US.
  3. Must have your high school diploma.
  4. Can’t be a child/grandchild of any officer, who works in Coca-Cola company, Company divisions or subsidiaries.

How to apply for Coca Cola Scholarship

For submitting a successful application you must fulfill the requirements which are given below

Transcript: you will need your high school transcript in order to apply for this scholarship.

Personal information: Must provide the accurate information about your name, contact number, email address etc.

Awards: provide the complete details of awards and diplomas you have won and also mention the extra circular activates in which you participates and won awards.

When you can apply for coca cola scholarship

Scholarship application open from 1st of august and close at the 31st of October for this year.

You don’t need to put your financial information in your application. The authorities confirm that coca cola scholarship is purely merit based scholarship for young exceptional students.

How you can use award money

If you are winner of coca cola scholarship you can use funds for your study related expenditures like you can books computer also you can pay your fees hostel dues etc.

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