Tips to open a car garage

Tips to open a car garage

Are you passionate about mechanics and want to open your car garage? What are the important steps to follow? How to open a car garage? What are the steps to be taken to open a car garage in the best conditions? Square RG takes stock.

The graduation

To open a car garage, you must:

Either holds a CAP Mechanic

Have 3 years of experience as a mechanic

Note that these qualifications may be held by the manager or an employee.

Then you will still need to spend a management internship to make you aware of any difficulties that may be encountered by starting your own business. Also, the competition is rather high in the automotive sector, that’s why you will have to be able to differentiate yourself at the same time by your professionalism and by your tariffs. It will also be comfortable in the sale, to advise the client, and in the negotiation, with complementary partners (insurance or banks …) for example.

Market research

Market research is paramount. It is used to evaluate the potential demand in the market you want to exploit. Market research will allow you to validate the legal, economic or logistical choices related to your project. But also to identify the number of competitors already present in your area and validate the relevance of your activity in these places.


The choice of a large room, which meets the technical characteristics necessary to practice your business, is an important investment.

Authorized repairer, members of a network, or independent garage

The car garage market includes two types of actors:

Repairers approved by the manufacturers to repair the vehicles of the brand

And independent garages called MRA (Automobile Repair Mechanic)

MRAs can be specialized in mechanics, electronics or bodywork. Also, these garages may or may not be members of a network of garages.

The choice of the type of garage and the affiliation or not to a network will have significant consequences for your company. By leaning against a brand or network well known to the public you will benefit from their notoriety, and thus probably attract customers more easily. On the other hand, an affiliation will have clear consequences regarding costs and freedom in the management of your business.

Products and services

The search for the material and its purchase is also an important point: oils, tires, mechanical parts, fuel … as well as the choice of the services: hiring of chains, sale of new / used vehicles, painting, technical control, emptying, change of battery … you have to think of everything.

The legal status of your company

  • Sole proprietorship: the identity of the company will then correspond to that of the manager, who will be responsible for it. Considered the easiest way to start an independent business, it’s fast and easy to manage. Its biggest weak point, which makes it risky, is that the assets of the company and that of the entrepreneur are one.
  • Company (SARL, SAS, SELARL, SNC, SCP …): Only one or two partners, the responsibilities are limited to the level of your contribution.

To know the most suitable legal form to open a garage, do not hesitate to contact a chartered accountant in Lyon

Open your car garage or take it back?

Rather than open your car garage, you can buy one. Taking over an already existing garage then has some advantages:

Fewer initial charges

A customer accustomed to the garage: continuity of operation

A team already present who knows his work

A turnkey structure

We must take care of 3 things mainly by buying a garage

The profitability;

The ground of assignment;

The accompaniment by the transferor, during 3 months minimum.

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