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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Your Little One From Drowning

5. Keep One Eye Out for Safety!

Always, always, always watch your child when they are around a water park or pool. Too many things can go wrong the moment that your back is turned, so be sure to keep one eye safely on your child. This is often more effective than any other safety measure, as you are ready to rush to the rescue if your kid is in danger. All it takes is focusing at least half of your attention on what your little one is doing, where they are, and how close to the deep end they may be.

4. Floatation Devices

Using flotation devices is not only an important first step towards swimming, but also gives you peace of mind. When your little one is playing in the pool, you want to know that if they get tired or exhausted, they will have a way to stay afloat. Flotation devices such as pool toys, water wings, and other inflatable objects are a great way to keep your child afloat and having fun safely.

3. Frequent Beach or Pool Visits

Getting your little one acclimated to the water is an important step in making sure that they are safe around aquatic environments. Frequent trips either to the ocean or to your local pool can be helpful in getting your child to understand the fun but also the dangers of watery environments. Guiding and coaching them through these watery areas will help them adjust to the world of swimming, and also create a bond between you and your child.

2.  Discouraging Roughhousing and Avoiding Crowds

Depending on the age and size of your little one, this meant by May not apply, however if they are big enough to walk they are big enough to make trouble. Rough play and horseplay around a pool can be very dangerous. Just make sure the your little one is away from large crowds or larger children who appear overactive; this will help to ease your mind and help you all have a good time.

1. Swimming Instructors

The number one way to encourage safe swimming and teach your child long-term water safety rules is to hire a swimming instructor. Swimming instructors are trained to make sure your child’s water education is safe, fun, and long-lasting. One good swimming instructor can be worth hundreds of dollars on expensive flotation equipment! Check your local listings for swim instructors today.

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