Five Ways to Become More Approachable

Trying to Meet Someone New: Five Ways to Become More Approachable

Believe it or not, there are actual scientific studies trying to help women better understand what causes men to become attracted to them. There are no perfect solutions when it comes to dating, but there are minor changes every woman can make to boost their chances when it comes to finding the right guy.

Smile More

There is a common myth that a serious, straight faced look is more attractive, because it seems more mature. This could not be farther from the truth. Not only is it an aggressive look, studies have shown than smiling at someone will actually trigger a subconscious reward sense, making men feel better about themselves and the date itself. If you aren’t confident with your smile, there are options, visit Joe Drake DDS to get a cleaning or whitening. There is nothing attractive about a yellow smile or missing teeth.

Dress To Impress

The red dress has long been coveted as the ultimate dating tool and for a good reason. The color red actually stimulates sexual arousal. Red lipstick or lip gloss will have the same effect, so plan your outfit accordingly.

Study Your Man

It may seem strange, but tests have shown that men are more attracted to a woman who acts like him. If you notice any specific body movements or nervous ticks, try to subtly mimic them, and your chances of scoring a second date will likely increase. However, be careful not to be too obvious, or he might take notice. That would be awkward for everyone involved.

Make the First Move

It’s the 21st century, women no longer need to sit there and wait for men to approach them or ask them out. Rejection is a common fear among all people, so you don’t need to approach your target and bluntly ask for his number. Think small and avoid embarrassment. If you see someone you are interested in, make eye contact or smile at them from across the room. Just these subtle motions might draw him over, what do you have to lose?

Walking Tall

The way a woman walks and sways her hips can have a major impact on how men react to her. If a woman walks with her legs closer together, it causes her hips to bounce. This quite literally draws the attention of a man. Once he notices your walk, his mind will naturally wander in your direction. No woman wants to be gawked at, but you need to get noticed if you plan on finding a man.

Dating is rarely easy. It takes trial and error. More often than not, you will have to sit through a few bad dates for every good one, but you should never give up. Try to find ways to improve yourself and get the man of your dreams.

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