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Use of Dialog and quote and pickup lines in every day of life

Every day we face different issues in different situation during every day matters. Issues become critical if won’t solve. To solve issues properly we need to talk in a proper way with some examples and past experiences. In this way the famous quotes and dialog will help us to get ride off. Also the pickup lines will help us to solve the matters. The best pick up lines that are usually use to make a situation and solve the situation. So you need to read the pick up lines that will be according to your situation and surely it will help you in order so solve your matter quickly.

Intelligent people make own way easy by using best pick up lines. This is easy to learn for this you just need an internet connection with a computer or you may search it on your cell phone.  So 1st of all here we are learn the difference between Dialog and quote and pickup lines. All of above have own prospective and importance in everyday life.


A formal way of conversation that involves at least two person a time. One is start the conversation in a formal way and other one answer the 1st one. And conversation is going on until it is ended or continue after a break. So a dialog is formal that is used at higher level like business, government issues, debates etc.

On the other hand simple conversation is informal like when two friends talk about any this they are not talk in professional way. For a dialog conversation must be formal also the environment also. It may involve more than two persons and in a dialog final conclusion or decision must be taken that shows that dialog is useful for taking meaningful decisions.

Pick up lines:

Lines that we use in daily life routine according person to person or situation to situation. These lines are not special until you use in a specific situation. Also the pick up lines related to our emotions it must involve at least two person. Also it needs special intensions and mood behaviors in order to say such lines. Pick up lines is divided in to categories and these categories set according to mood or relationships or situation base.

If we talk about mood if you are in funny mood you may use cheesy pick up lines. If you are in said mood you can use sad pick up lines. This is all dependent on your mood and pickup lines of this category contains dialog according to your mood that will be best set to your mood.

If you talk about relationships status like if you fall in love recently then you need to use love pickup lines that will be best match at that time. And if you are heartbroken situation then you can use pickup lines according to your need.

And if we go for situation base pickup lines for example if you are going to impress a girl stands next to you which type of pick up lines you can use. So according to situation which science you can use to impress the girl for that science pick up lines are used to attract the girl.


Words said by a single person under the heat of his/ her experience on a specific topic, profession, about specific group of people or on a culture is known as a quote. In order to use someone quote you must give the credit to quote owner. Usually we use the famous quotes said by famous people and we can make your own one but the important thing in a quote is that it must contain a meaningful lesson or moral that teaches other. Without a moral or teaching it’s just plan words just meaning less for the reader or follower.

A quote is written in quotation marks and someone have its rights and it is said just in few lines not like a dialog. A single line of quote have meaningful lesson that lesson may be written over 1000+ pages. The importance of a quote shows by its moral that how much important lesson is delivered by this quote.

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