Look Like A Celebrity

Want To Look Like A Celebrity? 5 Secrets That Will Set You On Your Way!

Achieving celebrity looks can be a full time job, not to mention the beauty team most superstars have in their arsenal. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same results at home, without spending all your time and money. Below are five secrets that can take your look from girl next door to celebrity status in an instant.

1. Timeless wardrobe

The secret to effortless celebrity style? Filling your wardrobe with timeless essentials that will work time and time again. Go for pieces that fit you perfectly and will match with anything. For a paparazzi worthy closet, stock up on perfect-fitting jeans, sleek blazers and high quality solid-color tees and tanks. Finish the look with bold jewelry and a statement designer handbag. Don’t forget the perfect little black cocktail dress for a night out!

2. Perfect smile

A flash of your pearly whites can make all the difference, but what if your smile isn’t exactly red carpet ready? Use over the counter whitening strips to brighten your smile, or spring for a professional treatment. If you’re missing teeth due to an accident or dental disease, consider Staten Island All on 4 dental implants to fill out your smile in style with a minimally invasive procedure.

3. Professional blowout

Wake up a worn out hairstyle with a professional blowout. While stunning results are hard to achieve at home, a hair stylist can have your locks flowing in no time. Invest in a blowout for special occasions to add celeb worthy body to your hair, and make the results last for days by avoiding sweat, moisture and heat. Extend the life of your blowout for an extra couple of days with dry shampoo.

4. Toned body

It doesn’t take hours in the gym to achieve a superstar figure. Instead of slogging away on the treadmill or elliptical, invest thirty minutes to an hour in weight training. You’ll love showing off your toned arms, legs and abs. As a bonus, all your new muscle will do double duty by burning excess fat!

5. Smooth skin

Great skin can take your look from flat to fabulous. But achieving natural results can be a challenge. Improve your skin by drinking at least 64 ounces of water each day and eating a diet full of organic produce with minimal processed food. If you’re not seeing results naturally, Botox or dermal fillers can improve your look instantly.

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