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What are the factors to consider before going for water purifier?

People now are in search of clean and safe drinking water as the availability of it from any of the sources has been almost impossible. For this reason, it is said water purifiers are now on demand among the public for use at residents as well as offices. These water purifiers are very advanced, and they use the membrane technology for doing the filtration of impure water with the help of UV lamp filters. But before going for a good water purifier, you need to check the following things. Here is the list of those things.

  1. Quality of water

This is the first thing that you need to see before buying the purifier. Firstly you need to check the water that is coming home. You must check the hardness, TDS as well as salinity. If they are more than the permissible limit, then you must go for the Aquaguard water purifier.

  1. Pressure of Water

When it comes to the UV and RO filters, you need water supply at good pressure. If the incoming water flow doesn’t have got sufficient pressure, then the RO filter will not be working properly. So if you want to use the water filter for the clean drinking water, then you must have got good water pressure for you. If the water has got some high TDS, as well as contamination level in the water, is high, then you can go for the RO filter and can get the clean drinking water.

  1. Contamination of water

It is seen that there are some areas in which the water that comes to the house has got nitrate, bacteria as well other dissolved pesticides which are said to be lead with the health-affecting contaminants that are present in the water. If you want to check the contaminants, then you can go for the laboratory test. If the water has got some high microbes as well as contaminants, then you can always go for the Aquaguard water purifier. In this aquaguard, it uses the UV effect which helps in the irradiating the water with bacteria and other viruses.

  1. Availability of electricity

It is seen that now the water filters that are coming to the market uses electricity. The biggest problem in this is they need electricity to do the purification work of impure water. So to purify the water or to kill the bacteria or dangerous virus along with other contaminants, you need the electricity for that process. So you must get continuous electricity to use this advanced Aqua guard water purifier.

These are the top factors that you need to check while going for buying the water purifier. Apart from these things, the additional main thing that you must see is about the use of RO membrane. This RO membrane helps in purifying the water in a better way and provides you with the best kind of clean water which is good for your health. So make sure to go through all these things before buying the purifier.

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