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What Is Website Redesign & In Bound Marketing?

Website redesign and inbound marketing?

A website redesign was traditionally based on three pillars: technology, design (the packaging would say in product development) and content. With inbound marketing, another element comes into play: the processes … But what should primarily justify a redesign of the site? Between what, how, why … in what order should these things be addressed?

The interactions on your site with your prospects and customers, dear to your inbound teams, benefit your other departments.

Consider inbound marketing, the antonym of intrusive marketing, which involves bringing the customer to you rather than picking them up. Such an approach requires adapting its channels, including the website, to specific objectives:

  • bring traffic,
  • retain visitors,
  • transform prospects,
  • engage customers …

In this logic, interactions on your site with your prospects and customers, dear to your teams inbound and communication, also benefit other departments: product managers can measure the reception of your new solutions, salespeople receive a balance sheet detailed expectations and behavior of your prospects, the after-sales service appreciates better the expectations of the customers in term of service, and can put them back to the marketing, in charge of the optimization of the conversion … All the organization gains there, and Everybody is concerned.

Value chain and website redesign

Developing your website becomes critical when processes have changed: purchasing, production, marketing, sales, R & D, after-sales service can pool their efforts and integrate their data and content to boost profits.

Beyond the technology, packaging or content, the first innovation that can bring a redesign of the website, it is good to integrate the processes, and thus to preserve the competitiveness of the whole value chain. More than just following trends.

True, trends are changing, the Internet has its way and the adage of the first impression is also raging on the Web. But no, a website redesign is not for “prettier” or more “trend”. Even though social media, auto responder e-mail prelaunch, integrated CRM did not exist a few years ago. And that today, it would not be necessary to do without it.

Website redesign for more visibility, prospects, customers

We will never tell a customer that he has to change his site because it is ugly, obsolete. We wonder why we have to change it. Objectives are formulated in a site redesign. What should she bring you? More visibility in Google, more prospects, more customers.

From there, we raise the question of what to change and how: organization of the site, especially for mobiles, create new content sections, improve acquisition forms, develop new features (placeholder, sponsorship, newsletter, community) … And again, the processes intervene: because we project to whom, in what proportion, must profit (and cost) this redesign of Internet site.

Website redesign: inbound we trust

Inbound marketing has not only changed the way we communicate with targets. He is also changing the communication within the organization. And this new deal completely transforms the way a website redesign takes place.

But for those who only ask the question of what to change in terms of technology, packaging and content in their website redesign to “be inbound”, I recall the main devices used in inbound marketing : the blog, the SEO , social media, acquisition forms, landing pages, e-mail campaigns and automatic re launch, events and webinars, service content , customized or premium

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