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What’s in my makeup bag

So here is my tea, I need to keep all my makeup with me. So, I am a makeup junkie. That’s my thing guys. I love doing makeup, but I must tell you sadly that doing makeup on daily basis can be harmful to your skin. Taking care of skin is also an important step. So, after this I want to tell you what I keep in my bag with me all the time. Also you can keep high-end products in your bag but I’m going to mention my favourite everyday makeup products.


Loreal Infallible 24H-matte

So, I keep it all the time with me. Like I can’t go anywhere without it. I use foundation daily because I’m not a hashtag natural skin goals type of person. I love to have a full coverage face daily sometimes i go bare face. I have oily plus combination skin to I keep two types of foundation with me and, two different colours, I do get tan in summers and fair in winters. Keeping two shades is easy, I mix two of them and make a customise shade for my unmatchable skin, duh! I need to match my neck colour anyway and I don’t use concealer daily I just go with my foundation because it’s so full coverage.

Cream blush:

Revlon Cream blush

So, I have a makeup hack for you, keep cream products so you don’t have to carry brushes for that. A beauty blender is enough for all that. By keeping creamy products in my makeup bag, I have more space to keep more things which I can never get enough of. So, cream blushes are a big yes for me.

Contour sticks:

Nyx Contour sticks

As I am tan all the time and in winter I like to keep myself fair, so I don’t use bronzers. Also, one thing to mention that I don’t self-tan my body or face. I like it quite natural when it comes to my skin tone. So, I keep a contour stick with me I do contour m face because after foundation and blush you’re going to look like an egg face human. Don’t forget to bronze or contour. Save yourself from these mistakes it will make your life easy. Keep your makeup bag as clean as possible. Contour sticks are also creamy and doesn’t take much space in my bag.

Eyebrow pencil:

Eyebrow pencil

I am blessed with natural eyebrows, they’re quite full and arched by birth so I don’t have to do much with them I only keep a pencil with me. If you have thin or less brows you can keep pomades and gel but it’s good for me to keep just a pencil when it comes to my eyebrows.



There are some good mascaras I want to recommend. They all are drugstore mascaras, so you can get them from Superdrug Price Comparison or any near drugstore. The telescopic mascara from loreal is bomb trust me, you will get the longest lashes with that, it’s a lengthening mascara. Other one is from Maybelline and it’s their lash sensational mascara. You will become a fan of their uniquely designed wand. I use these two every day. It’s not clumpy or give me black eye through out the day.

Setting powder:

Setting powder

I’s time to set your foundation in place buddy. I keep pressed powder most of the time because they just don’t get everywhere in your makeup bag, it’s helpful. I keep translucent powder because that what makeup artist recommend you if you want to keep your skin photo friendly without any white cast on your face so keep a translucent powder or no colour powder. I click photos with my friends and colleagues all day, I just hop in my bag and set my face so it’s a good to go for me.



Here we go! The highlight game is so strong now that no one will leave their highlight for anyone. So, I keep one piece with me every time and I also keep it in liquid or cream form, so I don’t have to use brushes. Keeping this makes my life so easy that I only have to apply all the cream products first then I use my setting powder to set everything in place this makes my make last all day.

Lipsticks and lip balms:

Lipsticks and lip balms

I use both of them it depends what type of look i am going for. Sometimes I only use lip balms for the subtle glossy look and sometimes I use matte lipsticks. Choose your daily lip shade and keep it in your bag because you can’t keep whole vanity with you. I keep a red, nude and a lip balm with me all the time, as I know what colour will go perfectly with my undertones.

So, I have another tip for you and that is keep your make bag clean by keep less powdery products price comparison. Also keep bloating sheets and setting spray in your bag. I also carry makeup removing wipes with me so If I have to remove my makeup I do it right away. I do get reactions from different non-suitable products, so I do remove my makeup in the middle of the day and go bare face. This is not my insecurity it’s just the talent I have naturally, so I use it and play with it every day. It’s not easy to be a makeup blogger and have sensitive skin, there are some companies that work specially for sensitive skin but they’re also really expensive and hard to afford for daily basis use. Try new things form drugstore not every product is harmful for your skin.

Do use sunscreen as a base before using any foundation or primer or there is some sunscreen spray out in the market so use that after doing all your makeup. If you’re a job type of person then you need to use this daily. Don’t burn your skin or think that this is the makeup and it will cover all the dirt, it can make you look gunky and dull throughout the day. Tip for a flawless make all day is not to use so much powder on your face and dry your face with bloating sheet then spray it with rose water or makeup spray.

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