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Which phones are better: iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

If we compare phones recycling prices and especially the big giants of the phone industry the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, which is the better phone.  If we go a bit deeper and divide both the phone with its most powerful devices than compare so iPhone is obviously having iPhone X and on the other side Samsung is having its latest Samsung Galaxy S9. These two are the top lineup devices and the latest one with powerful processors, high-resolution cameras, dual or HD cameras.

Let’s go through the comparison for both the phones and later judge with the phone either iPhone or Samsung Galaxy wins!

– Screen

As there are a lot of sayings or you can say hype created that iPhone is having the best display as it is called “retina display” and I am personally is also a fan of iPhone display. But this time comparing Samsung Galaxy S9 with iPhone X, Galaxy S9 beats iPhones retina display pretty easily. The Galaxy S9 is having a 2,960-by-1,440 resolution in its 5.8 inches large AMOLED screen. AMOLED screen is 200 times thinner than a human in which makes it lighter, thinner and flexible, plus it also provides the better quality than LED or LCD screen display, displaying over 570 pixels per inch. Although the iPhone X has a 2,436-by-1,125 resolution in its 5.7 inches screen, displaying only 438 pixels per inch with OLED screen display that is plastic and lighter than LED and LCD.  However both iPhone and Samsung provide one of the sharp display screens with more color contrast, but on the paper or in numbers Samsung Galaxy S9 is far higher.

– Size

Samsung Galaxy’s S9 is slightly larger than the Galaxy S8, although it is longer than iPhone X and more cylindrical both are around 0.3 inches thick. If we compare Samsung phone side by side this Galaxy S9 is very light to use and the design is also very attractive the total size of Galaxy S9 is 147.7 x 698.7 x 8.5 and iPhone is 3.07 inches by 6.24 inches.  Altogether the width of iPhone X while standing is 0.15 inches longer which results in a slimmer phone with a weight of 0.4 ounces than Samsung Galaxy S9.

– Camera

Phone - Camera

We still remember the launching ceremony of iPhone X and eventually it was revealed that the iPhone X is having a dual rear-facing camera which gives all the crowd and the news something new to cheer and discuss, while it also performed really well when it was out for public use, if we compare phones before that no one was having dual rear-facing camera which also gives Apple stock market a little boost as well. IPhone is having a 12MP camera using 1x and 2x optical zoom lenses. Although Samsung Galaxy S9 is not having this feature if you are a fan of a dual camera or love photography you need the next level version of Samsung Galaxy S9+ for that. Galaxy S9 is having a single 12MP rear-facing camera features a dual aperture lens that can switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 depends on the shooting conditions and environment. For the video lovers, it provides multi-frame noise reduction which offers very good low light performances, and also if you are a low-level vlogger you can easily vlog on it as it captures a 4K video like iPhone also does the same, with 960fps super slow-motion video mode. IPhone captures 0.2 sec clips, but can automatically detect when to trigger to the slow-motion mode to records your videos.

Also, iPhone is having a front-face camera dot projector that scans your face and can unlock it for you as well plus you can also create custom emoji using the front camera that is called “animojis”.

-Processing Power

If we compare phones trade in prices all over the world and decide which mobile phones are having the fastest processing system or hardware than these iPhone X and Galaxy S9 is having the best processing system. Apple iPhone’s X is one of the most powerful chips or processing system ever, but Galaxy S9 is having its own very powerful processing system called Snapdragon 845. Samsung for the first time has introduced Qualcomm’s newest premium mobile chip, which works on eight cores in which four of them are at 2.8GHz and the other four works at 1.7GHz. While A11 is having six cores with two 2.35 GHz high-performance cores and the other four is for slower efficiency cores, I mean what more can be faster than there to powerhouses.  For the processing systems ultimate workability you can see thousands of videos created on that.


Talking about the network the iPhone X is far behind Samsung Galaxy S8 with automatically indicated that Samsung Galaxy S9 is probably far ahead from then in term of speed. Galaxy S9 uses QUALCOMM’s X20 modern which is supporting up to 1.2 GB per sec speed, but still, it is not available in many cities in different countries, in support with T-Mobile’s new 600MHz Band 71 and other brands that are used in the UK as a carrier. Its Wi-Fi radio is offering about 801.11ac with no other fancy stuff like ad or ax, but you can use any registered licensed Wi-Fi from different carriers when available.


Comparing phones and trying to evaluate it with which mobile phones are the highest in pricing and the answer will always be the “Apple iPhones” and this time as well iPhone X is one of the most expensive phones right now costing around £999 which is creating a whole new level to the smartphones. While Samsung Galaxy S9 prices are around £ 720 and the other advanced featured like dual rear-camera Samsung Galaxy S9+ will start at £ 840 although it is lesser than what iPhone X is offering, still, their phones are very expensive for millions of common people.
As we come towards the conclusion on paper the Samsung Galaxy S9 seems to be higher than iPhone X, but there are many features that iPhone has and Galaxy don’t.

It is highly debatable but from our point of view, Apple iPhone is a bit better phone than Samsung Galaxy S9.

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