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Who are the best cancer doctors in Hyderabad?

A specialists doctor who is skilled in preventing and detecting cancer diseases. The doctors who treat cancer are called Oncologists. Surgical oncologists are the doctors who practice therapies to diagnose cancer.Finding the best cancer doctor when any of your loved one is diagnosed with the same problem  is of utmost importance. Vaidam health is NABH certified source which provides complete list of best cancer doctors in Hyderabad and many other locations of India.

Locate the Top Oncologists with Vaidam Health

The detailed database of vaidam health feature the countries top cancer doctors and hospitals , who are well qualified and have years of experience to ensure speedy recovery for their patients.

Find the information of cancer doctors and oncologists offers:

  • A listing of a specific region’s top cancer doctors and hospitals
  • Access to our free online database of doctors names and complete details about them.
  • Option to request free and custom quote.

Medical experts guides you to take right medical decision, and you receive the peace of mind,that comes after knowing that the doctor you choose is recognized and trusted among peer professionals. Also it helps to make sure that your cancer treatment includes:

  • Leading-edge technology and innovative cancer treatments
  • Less detection times so that it can lead to better survival rates
  • Specialized care led by the area’s leading cancer specialists

Symptoms of cancer

In order to get the treatment in right time one should keep an eye on the basic symptoms of the disease. initially it may get difficult to trace the symptom but you should see the doctor as the disease shows some symptoms like :

  • Blood in Urine
  • Swollen Glands.
  • Unexpected Weight Loss.
  • Unusual Vaginal bleeding.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Itching in Genital areas.
  • Unexpected Night Sweating

List of some top cancer doctors of Hyderabad

    • Dr. C. Sai Ram: Orthopaedic-Onco Surgeon Consultant, MBBS,Hyderabad, India. He possess over 22 Years of experience in Medical Oncology, Preventive Oncology and Radiation Oncology.Interests are Preventive screening and Cancer, Human Papillomavirus – HPV, Chemotherapy, Pap collection and Cytology Guided by Ultrasound etc.He is a Member of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), International Society of Pediatric Oncology, Association of Radiation Oncologists of India and Indian Society of Oncology. He has also received Director General’s Commemoration Medal in 2008.
    • Dr. Rama Mohan Reddy Vada: Radiation Oncologist is MBBS, DNB, DM, 15 years of experience,Hyderabad , India.Currently he is  associated as Head of Department with Radiation Oncology at Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad. He is a Life Member of various renowned organizations such as Association of Radiation Oncology of India since 1995 and American Society of Therapeutic Radiologists and Oncologists since 2008.
    • Dr. A. V. S. Suresh: Medical Oncologist Consultant , MBBS, MD, DM, 12 years of experience, Hyderabad , India.Currently he is associated as consultant with Cancer & Radiation center at Continental Hospital, in Hyderabad. He is a known physician & scientist who is working on basic and clinical research in haematology/Oncology. He Performed the first Autologous Transplantation in India using GM – CSF, and the first haploidentical transplant in Andhra Pradesh.Specializes in Hematology & Medical Oncology. He Published 84 publications in international journals; reviewer for various international journals including the American Journal of Clinical Oncology and Leukaemia Research.
    • Dr. Mallik Singaraju: Surgical Oncologist Consultant , MBBS, MD, 12 years of experience,Hyderabad , India. He is Currently associated as consultant with Cancer Institute and Radiation Centre at Continental Hospital, Hyderabad.He Expertise in Planning and treatment with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy using Rapidarc Technology, IGRT technology, 3D conformal Radiation Therapy and 2D treatment planning. His special interest is in developing and maintaining an advanced treatment programme for Colorectal and Advanced Breast Cancers by the implementation of Modern Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and (IGRT) techniques.Expertises in Brachytherapy treatment. He is the Author of “Cancer Chemotherapy Induced Carcinogenesis.” Published in Pharmacology Online, 2006

Trusted programmes of Vaidam Health

Vaidam is a team experts who carefully collects all the necessary information about top cancer doctors in Hyderabad and can help you in making informed decision for choosing right hospital and doctor for your treatment in hyderabad. You can check detailed information about doctor like  qualification , experience, opd schedule , fees , etc. on vaidam’ portal.

A complete list is provides on Vaidam’ portal . You can send your enquiry in the enquiry section on Vaidam’s portal or give a call to get guidance to select the right cancer doctor for best treatment in Hyderabad. Once you submit your medical details , our expert medical adviser will make a customized treatment package as per your budget and requirement. And personal assistant is provided who takes all the appointments for you as per your time preference to ensure speedy treatment process.

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