pre rented commercial property for sale in sector 48 Sohna road

Why investing in a pre leased property a good idea

Have you ever planned or presently planning to invest in a pre rented property? Well, you can always capitalise on an assured rental return when they are buying an already tenanted property.

During recent time there have been many property buyers who have displayed a lot of interest in buying pre rented commercial property for sale in sector 48 Sohna road and this phenomenon has become very common in commercial real estates. Again pre rented residential properties also beginning to attract many takers.

Now one may have a question that what is exactly a pre rented or pre leased property. Well, these are those properties which already have one or more than one tenants and thus they already have buyers. Depending on the monetary budget a buyer can choose from a wide range of choice of the pre rented properties across many segments like regular apartments, condominiums, duplex and sometimes residential bungalows as well along with some leased out corporate honchos.

Many experts suggest that the buyer’s objective here is to earn a handsome amount of rental income over some short and medium term and then exit with a moderate or high capital appreciation. Here are some major benefits of investing in a pre rented property.

  • It always gives you assured returns. If an investor buys a pre rented residential property they can also inherit the rentals and the tenants from the previous owners. So they get all the rental returns from the very first day. They do not have to wait for a time period to get a suitable tenant for the property.
  • Along with the assured rental returns a pre rented property also has a decent scope of capital appreciation over a period of time. This is a very lucrative option from the perspective of the return on investment. Those properties located in the areas which are close to the city or in the proximity of a commercial area can fetch a very premium price.
  • If one buys a pre rented property then it is considered to be a very safe investment. As the property rented for a specific time period the returns are always guaranteed to the buyer. The yield for a pre rented residential property ranges between 3 to 5 percent. Besides, there is little chance of a tenant vacating the property before the expiry of the mentioned duration.
  • As time passes the rental returns are also bound to increase. Even if the existing tenant vacates the property then at the end of the period of the lease there is a high probability of fetching higher rent for the same property. At the same time, buyers need to exercise due diligence to make sure that the property and its tenant are safe to inherit. Buyers must also try to establish the reason why the owner is selling the property. This can provide a lot of information that may not be visible on the surface level.

So, one can always go for pre leased property for sale in sector 48 Sohna road for these benefits.

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